Fifteen questions and answers about living in Thailand, registered in Belgium and everything associated with it

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Fifteen questions and answers about living in Thailand, registered in Belgium and everything associated with it

 Question answer Fifteen questions and answers about living in Thailand, registered in Belgium «and everything associated with it

Fifteen questions and answers about living in Thailand

Previously published an article by Jacques Koppert, stay in Thailand, home address in the Netherlands? Â The article was also included limited information about Belgium «. Jacques stated in his article, however, it was not possible to go into detail on the implications for Belgians to Thailand leave or stay there long. In â € ~ This is a task for a Belgian deskundigeâ € ™, he finished.

I would definitely like to call myself now as Jacques hoped, but I am still drawn to the challenge. no expert It was. as they say in our â € ~ ne serious health boterhamâ € ™ to read, but occasionally you can give something back to TB and its readers. I’ve finally been helped by them. See this article so as a continuation of the previously published article by Jacques, but for Belgians.

As Jacques, I put the most common questions I regularly care in a nutshell, with a short answer of what I found about it first. For a detailed explanation, I refer to the complete article Stay in Thailand, residential address in Belgium «?, Which can be downloaded.

as pdf

Q & A

1) Can I stay for a long time abroad (eg Thailand) for tourist reasons without any effect? ​​Yes, for tourist reasons, you are less than a year absent from your legal residence. Some longer, but then you belong to that category of people for whom it is permissible.

2) Should I report my long absence? Yes, if you are absent for more than 6 months of your principal residence, you should report this to your municipality. You will be considered temporarily absent. The fact that you will be considered temporarily absent not change your primary residence.

3) Can I leave again after returning home? Yes, there is nowhere that this is not allowed. However, when several temporary absences are reported, one after the other can be a reason to carry out a check if this is still the main residence of the person concerned.

4) What happens if I be gone longer than 6 months, without notifying this? If, after checks, that person can not be found on their official domicile may be a reason to move on to a deletion of ex officio. This is basically all done after 6 months if the temporary absence was not reported, and, after a year if the temporary absence reported.

5) What are the possible consequences if I am absent for more than one year? You can be your principal residence disposed. This could also have consequences for health insurance, and any distribution rights.

6) Are there penalties if I’m wrong with my entry in the population? The possibility exists that you incur a penalty that can range from 26 to 500 euros.

7) May I be registered with my sister and there are my primary residence? Yes. Your sister must of course agree.

Warning : Watch out that this has no effect. Maybe they involve social housing or enjoy whether they favor certain social measures. Your registration at that address may have possible consequences. Proceed to consult with your Social Services.

8) Can I take a reference address to the address of my sister? No, bidding for a reference address is strictly limited to a certain category of people and for a specific reason. Tourism or holidays abroad are not among them.

9) What about my primary residence if I could finally leave? to Thailand If you wish to transfer abroad, your primary residence you notify the municipality where you are registered, no later than the day before departure. The abduction is effective from the date of declaration of departure. The municipality will hand you a Mod 8 that you can enroll in the Embassy. They will serve in the future as your â € ~ € ™ gemeentehuisâ.

11) Has Belgium «a treaty with Thailand on Social Security? No, I can not find Thailand as a country with which an agreement exists. I therefore assume that there is no treaty between Belgium «and Thailand on Social Security.

12) Can I stay for a long time abroad? tractor as support Yes, in some cases, but you will have to meet certain conditions. Therefore, take more personal contact with the relevant departments of the SZ to know what to keep because of you leave or extended absence.

13) Am I insured against sickness and accident in Thailand? as a BelgianYes, mandatory health insurance also applies overseas and is controlled by mutas (formerly Euro Cross).

14) What is mutas and I will always contact? Mutas is an inter mutualist project. It is best to always contact mutas. If the intervention can be up to 125 euros (SocMut / FSMB) or no compensation paid (CM).

possibly limited in time, contact within 48 hours,

15) How long I enjoy medical care and there is a maximum amount? We are Belgians and we unite under the same control panel, but as the Belgians good fit, we still make differing arrangements. Issue in order not to come.


CM states that the service is guaranteed for three months from the first day of care, the SocMut states that the stay abroad for more than three months may take (students a year), and to the FSMB go for a stay of up to three months per calendar year.

There are also significant differences in the maximum and minimum amounts. CM and FSMB apparently cover the total amount of medical expenses, but the SocMut limited intervention to â, ¬ 5,000 per claimant. So inform yourself well before you go to avoid.


Put all the advantages and disadvantages once together and maybe it’s even bother to change this.

of health insurance


Undoubtedly there are still several questions that occur to you or if you want more detailed answer, please click on the attached PDF file. This also contains useful links to the official «le websites.

Everything is moving and what is required today, tomorrow may be outdated.

If you have other, additional or more recent information in your possession or obtained, share it with the readers. Please make sure that you mention the source so that everyone can see.

This also

I hope, however, that I have with this Q & A and attached article service have been the readers and the ambiguities or misunderstandings declared solved. I wish everyone a pleasant and above all safe leave / stay.


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