First trip to Thailand?

12th of April 2014 4

First trip to Thailand?


Hey me and my friends have decided on a trip to Thailand and want to make sure about some of the basic stuff before we start planning any further. I would like to know what are the best places/towns to go for someone on their first trip to Thailand, we are looking to have a more beach orientated vacation and would typically like to stay at any destination for 3 to 4 days. The whole trip is going to be +/- 16 days in Thailand. We would also like to go to at least one or two towns with a few clubs and bars in them and the whole trip is going to be on a budget. Lastly I would like to know if it is worth going in July or is the rain quite interrupting? Our other option is to go in January, but this is high season and thus will be more expensive, will the money we save by going in July worth it if the rain is interrupting?

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Answer by J-ville boy
I would caution going to Thailand because they’re kind of unstable with politics right now

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  1. Ash 8:34 am 12/04 of 2014


    Before you fly-off please get your travel insurance done. Though it may not seem the wise thing to do, it would save you some money if bad things happen along the way.

    July to September is more of a rainy (monsoon) season. If you do mind the showers then go ahead. Beach oriented can be both rowdy or quiet depending on the places you are visiting in Thailand.
    Koh Samui, Phuket and Krabi are the favourites. There are other small towns on the other side of Thailand as well as up north. For a typical beach holiday I would recommend Koh Samui.

    Spend one of the weekends in Bangkok to experience a little culture and visit the weekend market.

    Hope the above information helps.

  2. spanky 9:13 am 12/04 of 2014

    Hi Hank!! How the heck are you?

    Sure, July is ok – this year has been rainier than most but it is usually just showers now – and there is no snow and ice, no Canadian winds,so, piece of cake.

    The party town is Pattaya, a few minutes down the road but grown connected is Jomtien – a bit quieter and neither one has a particularly nice beach – but if you keep heading south to Trat and then out to the island Koh Chang – I think you will find a bit of both, party and paradise island – though it has been some years since I have been there and I have been told that it has grown up quite a bit – more touristy but I think you can still do both there -

  3. lost in travel 9:27 am 12/04 of 2014

    Hi, Last year i spent 8 weeks traveling thailand and as a 24 yr old here are some of my fave place’s and why we visited …. also i would consider holding out on july as it is apart of the wet season … we traveled april to june last year and had only 3 wet day all together although it was really hot …. kinda added to the feel of things tho lol!!!

    Chang Rai – northern thailand … the most amazing temple .. google white temple thailand
    Chang Mai – Northern thailand ….. fantastic food and reggae bars ….. bazaar i know!!!
    Bangkok – central … markets
    Karbi – south thailand ….. go to the blue lagoon …. the only cold water i could find in thailand amazing scenery!!!
    Phi Phi don – south thailand ….. the most amazing place ever!!! you have bars , sight seeing just about everything you need for a taste of culture! this is the sister island to where the leo dicapprio film the beach was set … amazing

    just about any where you go and any thing you do you will fall in love with the ppl and the food …. i hope you have an amazing time and god am i jealous!!!

  4. IceCube 9:29 am 12/04 of 2014

    Fancy beer bars with beaches and hookers, go to Pattaya. When it rains in Thailand it pours hard for a couple of hours, then the sun comes back and it’s very hot again.
    To the above poster, political situation is at its best at the moment with the newly-elected politicians in honeymoon period. There will be no trouble for at least another month. My bet that the worst is over. The conflicts between Thailand and Cambodia should be over too. Cambodia relies on Thailand to serve as their hub for tourists as well.


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