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For me, no longer rented

rent for me no longer rented I rented a house twice. Both times we were expelled for various reasons.

first we rented a Thai: we had a one year contract and I only paid 3500 baht per month rent. After about nine months, we were put off. The reason? The landlord had probably heard that others their homes for 4,500 baht could rent. With silly excuses he made the life of my girlfriend acid. I was still working and was only a few days in the month to her.

He was so cowardly that he did it in a drunken head. Because he was also a meddlesome neighbor, we immediately sought a new home. Just outside the village. A house with pool for 11,000 baht per month. Again we signed for one year. The landlord was Australia «r. This was before the house of an unde r: House for sale or rent. This sign he did not take away.

After a few months he called me to say that we had to be at home, because there were people who wanted to visit the house. at 4 pm He himself had to go to Bangkok. I was not at home at that time, but my girlfriend was quite distressed because he already threatened eviction if we did not want to cooperate.

When his wife told the people who wanted to buy the house wanted to do it just as an investment, and we are allowed to stay in the house, I promised to be home. At a quarter to five, there was still no one, at five o’clock, we got on the motorcycle and go shopping. Ten minutes later called the landlord on. We were then underway.

We are now on the road and sit on the bike

We had to come back right away, because those people were at the door. I told my girlfriend to hang. We are now on the road and sit on the bike. I’m not going to call while I’m driving. He wanted to please note that we â € “while he was on his way to Bangkok with his wife â €” the house of our total strangers showed.

Shortly before we had problems with the pump of the pool. This had to be repaired. The wife of the landlord  asked if we could advance. 1,000 baht repair costs No problem.

When the landlord two months later picked for the next three months, the money I gave him 32,000 baht. I gave him the bill for the repair of the pump there. He was not happy. We were not good tenants and other tenants had never made trouble.

He quashed, went home, and five minutes later he called to let us know that we had to leave the house. three months He was not happy with us. I scolded him as a dirty old coward out, he did not even have the balls to us right in the face to say but to take.

the money

months later he rang again, and one day to ten times. I did not take the call. At home, my girlfriend could not resist and took on when his wife hà ¡Ã ¡r rang. There were also potential «le buyers and we had the next day at home. He could kiss my ass with his buyers. I told him that while we were still in the house, we tolerated no buyers, and we did open the door for anyone.

He would aliens get there

This is a breach of contract, he cried on the phone. I hung up. The following contacts were that night via email. He’d got to call the aliens. He could not understand why I was so stubborn and he never had problems. He also wanted us to leave the house. Immediately [The email exchange is attached as a pdf attachment. Click here.]

He threatened with anything. I told him that he could walk to the pump. In our contract had never been viewings. Question Than previously to say. He I had no interest in strangers in our house and as long as I rented it was our home. But you are â € ~ € ™ slechtsâ tenants and other words have no rights.

Then he threatened with the police because he knew I fix computers. How do your business with your knowledge in Hua Hin? An empty threat, because we did nothing wrong.

Terry that day did nothing other than patong games (jeux de boule) and then with his gang of friends â € ~ their biertjeâ € ™ drank, was also a meddlesome old wijf. This man was in the village also known for his behavior. He was â € ~ € ™ bevriendâ with a major in the army and he thought (former car salesman from Melbourne) that he was almost the second boss in the village. Even though that’s why I did not bow to his demands. Did he think he could dance.

everyone to his pipes

An Irish friend of mine had already quarreled with him and he was terrified of the man. So I finally gave him a brief visit with my knowledge to sing a lullaby to him (it was, after all, for 23 hours â € ™ evening when he sent me threats via email). Then it was quiet . I heard nothing more from him, and two months later were able to stay in a temporary shelter. Our hits the 33,000 baht to rent.

He has yet attempted to send the police on us, but he was so stupid to call the police, Pranburi an acquaintance of ours, instead of the police in Hua Hin, which belonged to the village and there were still a lot of hard words to return the key.

He started whining about contract again and I wanted him showed the passage in the contract stating that we had to show.’s home to potential buyers Eventually he gave our deposit back. He found some that went away from it, but they were peanuts.

We have a tiny house

why: for me no longer rented. We have a tiny house on a plot of 800 square meters. We can do whatever we want. I’m doing fine with a pond, my dear friend Ato plant many vegetables and fruits, and to be so slow a beautiful home for us, which no one can throw us out.

Finally, a link to the experiences of someone else, in English, but this mail inspired me and it gave me the strength to go. against that man Because to be honest, I had barely aware of my rights (or obligations) as a tenant:

In any case, I believe that he had no right to send, but when it came to him in the sense and none of us demand. people for a visit to our house This should add. In his contract, he had

And he was doing was a nice man, who had been a little bit, a little tactical â € ~ € ™ sweetmouthâ, we probably would never this â € ~ € ™ problemenâ causes.

Eventually the first landlord in Soi 3 had bad luck: his house remained empty for almost a year. So no rental income. The home of Terry was also a long time yet. Furthermore, we suspected him that he put the money in his own pocket, because the house was not even his, but his brother, who lived in Australia «.

Sjaak Schulteis

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