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Freelance workplaces in Bangkok


Bangkok workplace Freelance workplaces in Bangkok It’s been a long time ago I think the late eighties that Interpolis in Tilburg opened a new office with a special concept. Employees did not have their own workspace, but if they did not work at home, came to the office and sat down at any desk. They them logged in to the computer and were able to carry out their work.

I had to take this â € € œkantoorrevolutieâ thinking when I read an article in The Nation about freelance work places in Bangkok. A freelance work is part of a larger office, which is leased by (mostly) young entrepreneurs. It is cheaper than renting space to organize, while one can have.

yet all the amenities of a modern office as office

It’s not a typical Thai idea because these are flex offices in all major cities elsewhere in the world for some time. I saw an offer for a flex spot in Amsterdam, which you can rent by the day and a nice discount if you pay by means of a strip card. Typically Dutch, I think! Anyway, a flexible workplace is an attractive option for freelance professionals and other self-employed, who find home too lonely or too disruptive.

Wandering through

 à © partement of these shared offices looking for an office and see a group of graphic designers, copywriters, programmers, starting young entrepreneurs, foreign businessmen, and many others , which there are at work.

Klique Desk

Take the Klique Desk in Sukhumvit Soi 23. On the second floor of the Shinawatra Building, which itself has a rather old-fashioned structure,  you’ll find a 300 sq ft modern office  with all modern office and conference facilities. Klique Desk features two multi-purpose meeting rooms complete with projector and television and other media tools, a â € œhot desk zoneâ € 14 gauge flexible workplaces. Obviously there is high speed Wi-Fi, a telephone for private calls © and online conferences, a copier, printer, scanner and fax. There is even a small pantry with refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker in which you can control with free drinks and a selection of snacks yourself.  Prices start at 200 Baht per day for a shared workspace to 17,000 baht per month for a private office. Klique Desk provides the user with a business address and a bilingual receptionist that handles incoming e-mails processed in the absence and answers the phone.


Another provider of co-working workspace Hubba, somewhat tucked away in a two-storey house with a shady courtyard in Soi Ekamai 4. Hubba is actually the pioneer of the phenomenon in Bangkok, which already opened two years ago. It is still the most popular place for foreign businessmen and expatriates. Hubba was set up for people who had had enough of working in coffee shops and is continuing to expand. Services out

prices ranging «ing here of 265 Baht per day to 36,500 baht per year. The interior of the office space is minimalist and seats, inside and out, with 50 visitors. High Speed ​​Internet, office equipment, a fully equipped kitchen are also available here. Moreover Hubba features two fully equipped meeting rooms, where small seminars or workshops can be held. Â.

Both the owners and the users of shared office are excited about using. The owners: â € œWe have the self-employed and start-up entrepreneurs in IT and media world all office facilities at an attractive price. Users: â € œIt is a good opportunity not to have to work at home or in a coffee shop. Furthermore, you work in a community of like-minded people and that creates a bond.


  • Klique Desk is on the second floor of Heta Shinawatra Building, Sukhumvit Soi 23, near BTS Asoke. It is open daily from 09: 00-07:00. Call (02) 105 6767 or visit www.Kliquedesk.comÂ.
  • Hubba is located on Ekamai Soi 4. It is open daily 9:00 to 22:00. Â Call (02) 714 3388 or visit

Source: The Nation

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