From the Thai life seized: Playing with money and happiness

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From the Thai life seized: Playing with money and happiness

Cards from the Thai slices of life: Playing with money and happiness

Playing with money and happiness

the condogebouw in Bangkok where I live is a small laundry. The shop is run by Kob, a Thai â € “estimated at â €” 35 years. Not a Thai supermodel, but not one of the ugliest women I’ve ever seen. Kob can complete was for you, only iron and put them on request also buttons on your shirts if you need to.

Kob comes from Sisaket, in Isaan. She came to Bangkok about 15 years ago to try her happiness. Here Sisaket, there was little work for a Thai who had enjoyed after primary school because the family had no money for an education. She began working as a housekeeper at a reasonably affluent Thai family. The lady of the house had to rent (where he is the owner of) an administrative job and the man earned his bread, no rice are by Condomiums.

Working in Bangkok

In the first two years of her job at the family there was nothing to worry about. Kob had her own room on the outside of the house, did not earn much, but enough to send money every month. To Sisaket To father and mother, or because she had no husband Sisaket and no children. Gradually grew and flourished between some Kob and the man of the house. And after two years Kob was his mistress, of course, without the knowledge of the wife. He Kob occasional extra money (if they so early) but Kob sent out all those extras to Sisaket. She kept a little for herself. She bought so in fact nothing special for herself, no gold, no expensive horologe, no expensive clothes or bags, just a second phone. She had in fact gambling and especially illegal casinoâ € ™ s and lotteries discovered.



On a good day it went wrong. The lady of the house came home and found previously unannounced hubby in bed with Kob. The house was too small. The wife asked her husband for the choice: either Kob out, or me. The man chose his wife (the condominiumgebouw was jointly owned), which marked the end of the job for Kob. She was fired. Through a friend, she came in contact with the owner of the building where I live. The owner bought three machines and Kob opened a thing
gambling from the Thai life seized: Playing with money and happiness. BooksHowever, they remained (in secret) to keep in touch with her lover. He was two to three times per month, and not for the coffee. I do not know. Whether it’s true love Probably not. Otherwise he would have said goodbye to his wife and had gone off. Kob with But in all those years he had a weakness for Kob received and would not let her stand in the cold. He took care of her. Paid monthly rent on her condo and laundry room and put her occasional extra money. He pressed Kob on the heart to save for her future.

some money

Kob however was addicted to gambling. In the beginning it was the first time in two weeks for an illegal casino, but it soon became more frequent. She also began to make debt. Her laundry did not bring much money but luckily she could always fall back on her lover. Because this the rent itself inde he had a reasonable amount of money. And more importantly, his wife did not know exactly how much. She received a monthly allowance for operating costs and sometimes extras and thus she was satisfied. They asked no questions.

addicted to gambling?

Kob questions put to her lover that was always about money. First a few thousand baht per month, but in 10 years this figure had risen to approximately 100,000 Baht per month. Kob buys about 25,000 baht tickets at biweekly Thai Lottery (legal and illegal version) and the other is 50,000 baht monthly to illegal casinoâ € ™ s. Sometimes the mobile casino comes to her, the shutters of the laundry close early and gambled. If the money is Kob lends nearby (friends and relatives) and pay it back with the money that the lover is still good about this. She swore to him that she is going to stop (he knows they gambled a lot of money), but the addiction takes its toll.


Two days ago

Last Sunday was Kob again without money. The creditors were on the sidewalk. Not to worry: call the lover. However, who had a nasty message for her. He stops paying. He told Kob that he can not stand them all the money he gave her and gives (10 years, 7 million baht estimated 60,000 Baht per month, a total of 10 * 12 * 60 000 Baht =) gambled. In all those 10 years, she had that money can do. Lot nicer (and better) stuff Kob has the same effects as 10 years ago, not a single luxury. The man told him 30,000 Baht per month gives his student daughter, and that proportion is more to the 100,000 baht he Kob sliding each month. Kob called him because they currently 200,000 baht in debt that they must pay back quickly. 100,000 Baht she borrowed from a neighbor with the promise that in one week to repay. The neighbor knows the lover. That money is not even the neighbor, but the saving pennies from her family and husband, who know nothing.

a final plea Kob to help upset her husband even one time over his heart. He made yesterday about 100,000 baht and that was it. Finito. When Kob called him again because that amount was not enough, he did not answer the phone. Kob distributed 100,000 baht of its creditors (those most interest charge first course) and gave the neighbor Baht 10,000 instead of 100,000 Baht. She had no more.

neighbor in all states and must now tell hubby that 90,000 Baht savings â € ~ € ™ Wega is. And it is still questionable whether the money will ever come back. It could just be that one of these days Kob absconded (or bus) disappears in the direction of Sisaket without leaving any address but with a new SIM card. Consequence is that I had to do yourself, and also my own shirts to iron. But that’s peanuts.

If you think I suck my thumb out of this story, think again. It is the reality, and I fear not only the reality of Kob.

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