Gee, you look young for your age!

28th of January 2012 0

Gee, you look young for your age!

 beauty Gosh, you look young for your age! sincere or not, it is still a nice compliment when someone tells you that you are still young (for your age) look, especially as you already see traces of the aging process, everyone simply goes down.

Everyone wants to look younger than he / she really is and we do often that young image to maintain. In young people it is not so much that aging process, but who would be happy to look good, so they can distinguish themselves from others and increase their self confidence.

If you are not satisfied with your appearance there in Thailand whatever your age, a rampant cosmetic and beauty industries are available, you like all kinds of resources to help your image problem. You can do that by logging you in a recognized hospital where you are treated by qualified personnel. It’s not exactly cheap, are not usually covered by insurance, but for the average Thai is such a treatment certainly hardly affordable. Then the bungler to come up, you are relatively little money will help a bit. And there lies a great danger, for treatment by a hobbyist too often ends in tears or in a hospital, sometimes with deadly effect. Notable examples in recent years, the incorrect assembly fashionable brackets unauthorized, allowing infections arose which led to several deaths, a diet product, bought over the Internet, a schoolgirl from Nonthaburi her killed, a liposuction treatment for a teenager that catastrophic going wrong, bad and irreversible side effects caused by piercing or tattoo, whitening cream that turned out to be carcinogenic or blotchy skin and was “big eye” contact lenses that led to infections and vision threatening.

All too often it is a combination of unqualified practitioners, and greed the use of inferior products, but these avoidable tragedies cause. The use of such products without a permit constitutes a health hazard, the products are often of very low quality and it is virtually impossible for manufacturers accountable.

In a bid to the unsuspecting consumer protection have officials of the Food and Drug Administration recently completed a comprehensive inspection performed in salons in Bangkok and Rayong. It focused on beauty clinics for the desire of maintaining a youthful appearance injections of unapproved and dangerous fillers administered. These are injected to the face to fill wrinkles and acne scars and eliminate. It can be a good way as it passes through qualified plastic surgeon is performed, but in these salons has led to many horror stories, which came into painful deformities.

The Public Health Ministry makes no secret of his belief that Thai consumers to spend too much time looking for medical palliatives. It attributes this example to the increasingly hectic lives, where people feel compelled at all times good, healthy and attractive to look. The FDA has cut back on the shelves of pharmacies and drugstores, that certain ” heavy “drugs without a prescription can not just sell. Many chemists are mostly holes filled with cosmetics, including those that can be abused. In many of these agents are powerful chemicals that excessive use can cause serious skin diseases. The solution lies in education and good consumer information, the pharmacist and the health and cosmetic industries have all been an important role to play.

something for our retirees, perhaps? I know some people my age or older, who daily number of health pills, supplements or eat even inject themselves with testesteron. No, you know! Not for me anyway, my body no polonaise, I have trouble swallowing a headache tablet.

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