Gerrie’s Diary (Part 14)

13th of January 2014 0

Gerrie’s Diary (Part 14)

Heineken1 300x168 Gerrieâ € ™ s Diary (part 14) I was in Bangkok for the New Year’s reception for Dutch and Belgians organizing. © my stamcafà This along with Thailand Blog with the aim to donate to the Operation Smile Foundation. Incoming funds The owner of my stamcafà © had invited me to a party at her home.

was given no beer, so I had to drink Heineken. The party lasted until 22:00, because when a neighbor in his pajamas was pulling the plugs from the speakers. He could not sleep! So again the lesson that you always have to ask your neighbors if you give a street party.

School Games


of three villages, together with a reasonable drum band lead. All participants parading through the town to attract onlookers. Volleyball looked as did the girls and the boys played football. Again the thrill of the day to play football the men against the women. I also was called. This time, not an end but as a midfielder. Later, as the last man. Three women come up to me, pulling me down and two to go down on me. Normally not a problem, but during the day during a football game? Eventually won 2-1.

Bottom trucks watch

Yes, it’s that time again. Cane season has started. Too high and too heavily laden trucks, land lower on the road. To bluntly, gravity outside the wheels and tally-ho. Every season I see at least three.

Drivers, well the people who get behind the wheel, have little study. There are also many trucks on the side of the road, in the evening and night, even unlit, with sagging axles. Here, the police would once more have to pay attention and be put. These cars on the side But after payment of 5 euros (without receipt of the police), you may simply overloaded by driving again.

End of rice now cut cane cutting

To ensure that you continue to work, the cane is cut and dried. This cane be made later that thatched roofs. You may remember, women do every day between fifteen and twenty and sell ZOA € ™ s element for just over 10 baht.

Start cane caps

Now at the end of the rice season begins cutting of the cane. This is also done manually. Every fifteen stems are wrapped in some leaves and stems per bunch of fifteen receives the cutter 2 baht, or 0.05 euros.

Gerrie cuts cane 300x168 Gerrieâ € ™ s Diary (part 14) Do it yourself also briefly tried, but that is not my work, and as a foreigner you have no work permit too. Of that piece of land we have 20 tons of cut and there Kanok think 250 euros on hold.

After cutting the cane trash was burned and therefore also burn the weeds that stood between the sugar cane. Later fertilizer on it and wait for the roots to shoot out.



At the T-junction of the main road to our village and killed a man. Was a pool of blood found. The culprit lies in the cemetery, as so often again. The victim however, who was cremated after four days and strewn with the exception of some small bones and teeth. These pieces are placed in an amulet and worn by immediate family.

New shop in Chum Phae

Makro opened, pressure and cheap, at least for now. Kanok bought a box of wine that was 200 baht cheaper than the Tesco store a bit further. And glad she was, she had not seen the box contained only 4 liters and 5 liters in Tesco. Huge amount of personnel, inside and out. And, believe it or not, Jingle Bell music and that on 27 November.

Stiefbeen and daughter


written once before, but paper, scrap metal, glass and rags are picked up by a woman. Pay something for them here, and now she comes with her 20 year old daughter. I’ll find a nice girl because I can speak with some English, which she held on to her three-year stay in Pattaya.

beer afterwards 300x168 Gerrieâ € ™ s Diary (part 14) In fact, she has three things on account: her basic English, a daughter and a son. Father unknown and they will get no compensation. From her mother she can not return to Pattaya, but they need help at home. So she Kanok also helped with the sugar cane cutting. Remains after always hanging a bit. After the cane cutting is a beer (small) in there.


old woman from the village, which fits her three grandchildren, had gold worth 50,000 baht handed and 22,000 baht in cash. After one month, they had 22,600 baht to pay back, which is 3% per month on an annual basis and thus 36%, which is big business, but normal here.

Light joined our temple

Since a few days, the â € œeletrieken draadâ € extended to our temple, so the monks not only street lighting, but also lighting and ventilation in that part which is prayed. Each family is required to donate. Least 300 baht (7.50 euro) It should also be assisted in the temple area.

stick 300x168 Gerrieâ € ™ s Diary (part 14) I helped with the placement of the flag poles. With a steel skewer and a sleeve (small hammer) I had holes in the ground around the poles along the road. The monk was quite right, because at one point I would stick 20 cm more put out, because there was some asphalt in weg. Still in line, said the chief monk. So â € œBefehl ist Befehlâ € and I have done it.


an awkward boy chief monk, wanted me in the picture and he grabbed my hand. In the second picture, I put my hand on his shoulder, but he was not amused. Strange, because when I was in the church choir, ZOA € ™ s 60 years ago, I was allowed to touch the parson.

Gerrieâ € ™ s Diary (part 13) was published on December 28.

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