Happy faces in Pakayor like our stuff arriving

8th of May 2011 0

Happy faces in Pakayor like our stuff arriving

 Happy faces in Pakayor as our belongings arrive

singing and jumping as a reward for our help

It was an unforgettable sight to more than 60 children over Pakayor seen dancing and singing. For us, because we Burmese people in this village 70 kilometers from Hua Hin with some necessary relief supplies had helped. Where possible, the children are dressed in costume, Karen, while the elders were busy preparing food for the rest of the village. Pakayor live in some 400 Burmese refugees, in 90 cabins. When they return to their home country, they are hunted by the Burmese army official and shot. The Thai government is improving the living conditions connivance, fearing that even more Burmese attracts. The village has neither water nor power. The village is so far from civilization that mobile phones do not work.

To the first phase of our action to complete, we were three 4 × 4-cars traveled to the village. The delegation consisted of founder and retired accountant Hans Goudriaan with partner, event coordinator Cor Nouwen with his wife Corry of Dutch society in Hua Hin and Cha Am, their two friends, a Thai representative of the Lions Club in Hua Hin, Khun Peter and Hans Forest behalf Thailand Blog (TB). The Burmese had never seen so many foreigners in their village at once seen.

objective of the mission, organized by Hans Goudriaan behalf of the Lions Club IJsselmonde and Hans Bos for TB was the living conditions for children in Pakayor slightly improved. The village is located in the jungle and is (especially in the rainy season) is hardly accessible. Aom has the care of approximately 60 children in isolation, the roof of the nursery consisted of dried grass and that leaks in the rainy season as a colander. Also had half the children sleep on the ground, for lack of mattresses.

Ultimately, the Lions Clubs IJsselmonde and Hua Hin, next to some readers of TB, a total of almost 84.000 THB collected. This is as far nearly 62.000 THB issued to include a new roof for the nursery, cement for improving the access, packets noodle soups, rice, canned fish. drawing and learning, sleeping mattresses, DVD players, batteries, their chicks with food and a generator, fuel incl. Pakayor because the Thai government may not have electricity, which is daytime electricity generated by solar collectors. For the evening light in the common areas, a generator is necessary.

Now the rainy season begins, is visiting Pakayor not always possible. We have therefore decided in September again Pakayor needs identified. Obviously your financial contribution even before then welcome. Pakayor We can do a lot with little money. Given the background of Hans Goudriaan as a chartered accountant, nothing remains to the fingers.

Netherlands you can make donations to the bank account of the Lions Club IJsselmonde, ING ovv Karen Hua Hin. Hans Goudriaan is in the auditing committee and therefore good visibility on revenues and expenditures.
like your contribution to Thailand: Siam Commercial Bank, Hua Hin account 402-318813-2 in the name of Mr. John Goudriaan (local Thai baht account).

Donors are invited to transfer mail to Hans Goudriaan (hansgoudriaan@yahoo.com) and which account, after which he (immediately after the money is credited) will confirm your deposit. It is not possible to name Lions in Thailand to open an account.

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