“Him say” This Tenglish

5th of May 2011 0

“Him say” This Tenglish

 Let priority and I am not a linguistic genius. Indeed the Dutch language, I find this annoying (or is it “I find difficult “?).


me to succeed sometimes a meaningful story to paper, I always fight with the ‘d’ and ‘dt’ posturing and other languages. Therefore forgive me my mistakes in my postings. Let’s take a combination of dyslexia, disinterest and unused school. I guess I was too distracted by my Dutch teacher, with her low neckline and comfortable occur. As a teenager, because you can really get confused.


The English language is in that respect is a relief. Straightforward and not dozens incomprehensible rules. The Thai will think the same way. But even the “easy”, according to the Thai English even easier. And so it is’ Tenglish “was born.

the Thai language, there is no room for past tense or plural. The independent pronouns ( masculine, feminine or neuter) and the articles they have only deleted. Why bother it easily? This makes Thai own ‘kind of’ speak English is always costly to hear. Thus, a sentence starting with “Him say” go on a man or a woman. It might be someone who says what now or have ever said what.

English course

let the Thai word often means they are not important. And so in the eyes of my Thai girlfriend was born a perfect English sentence: “Him say, go shopping yesterday.”
When I gently tell her that I do not understand, she shakes her head. Then I get told that I only once an English course to take. I shoot out laughing.

lovers, I have some experience Tenglish Nord:

  • I go Bangkok
  • Life, it not fun
  • Already

  • Hey go

And more English / Tenglish
I have been there / I go there one time Already
I will see you there / I see you there later
I had thought about you / Before, I Think About You Already (?)
A man has gone to the toilet / WC Man go
There are mice / Many mouse is there

Feel free to respond with your experiences Tenglish.


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