How can i get to chang mai thailand from pattaya?

25th of April 2013 2

How can i get to chang mai thailand from pattaya?

I am traveling soon and am going to land and stay a few days in pattaya then goto chang mai how would i go about doing this and how much baht would it be?

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Answer by karazyal
I have used a bus to Korat from Pattaya. There are buses that also connect with Chiang Mai. This avoids Bangkok but may not be save time This bus leaves from the bus terminal on Sukhumvit Road across from Central. This may not be faster than taking the bus on North Pattaya Road to Morchit bus terminal Bangkok. From there take a bus to Chiang Mai. Pattaya to Morchit maybe 124-134 baht. (Haven’t gone to Morchit in years from Pattaya; to Ekamai only 124 baht, Morchit won’t be too much different.)

You can use a train to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. Train leaves from Hualamphong. Hualamphong is at the end of the Bangkok subway. The Skytrain and subway connect at Asok. Skytrain stop outside Ekamai bus terminal, Bangkok. Overnight sleeper train is popular. But for the sleeper car get the tickets several days before.

You can fly too. Any travel agent can give you a price or use the internet.

On buses and trains do not put money, passport, jewelry in any checked in bag. Keep valuables on your person or within sight.

Have fun.

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  1. spanky 8:23 am 25/04 of 2013

    Cheapest way would be bus to Mo-chit and then bus to CM…

    or you could fly – you might even get a cheap fare and save a day…

  2. Rat@Ratchaburi 8:57 am 25/04 of 2013

    Just take the bus chief. It’s the cheapest of all transportation in Thailand. Cheaper the bus,the more stops and chance of air not working if you have air, but it’s the price you pay for going cheap. Just go from Pattaya to Morchit by bus and then bus it to Chiang Mai. Doesn’t matter what the cost you have to pay it anyway if you want to get there. Also keep in mind their is a war on drugs going on here. Police shoot first and ask questions later. If you look like a druggy you will be assumed to be one. So get a hair cut and don’t carry any ya ba with you while traveling.


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