How can i stay in pattaya for about a year or two?

27th of May 2013 3

How can i stay in pattaya for about a year or two?

So, i posted on a marriage in pattaya.
I read the answers, and it really made me acknowledge NOT to jump into a situation.

But my question is.. Are their many jobs hiring in pattaya?
I would love to stay down their to have more time to decide if i want marriage or not.
And also see what comes out of it as well.

Best answer:

Answer by Mr Gee
As a foreigner, it is very difficult to land a job in Thailand. Most foreigners who work in Thailand are there because of their qualifications, experience or technical knowledge. Of course, you could open your own business and then apply for a work permit (if you want to work in it yourself) but you need to be EXTREMELY cautious when opening a business as a foreigner, for various reasons, such as language barrier, work permits, various restrictions/rules and a whole bunch of other obstacles.

Basically, your best bet would be to save some money and then go over there. 15000 – 20000 Baht is a ideal budget/month to live off comfortably, or you could live like a rat from as little as 5000 Baht a month. If you have the funds, you would then need to apply for the appropriate visa for you.

Thai Visa and Customs Information:

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  1. Delauria 8:39 am 27/05 of 2013

    Get a retirement visa and you have a year visa, with another year extension, if you still have the money and the desire to stay. If you are a professional with high technical qualifications, there are companies who will willing to hire you – but not as a casual, blue collar jobs. By the way, how young are you now? : At 24, it will be very hard to find a job to support your stay, except for teaching English, which requires Teacher’s degree or certificate in TESOL – in order to get a work permit to let you stay on year to year basis. The best you can do now, is come for a month or two and see what you can do to stay longer. To stay longer with a
    Thai wife, if ever you choose to, you must have not less than
    US$ 1,000.00 salary a month and about US$ 20,000.00
    savings in a Thai Bank.

  2. khunB 8:46 am 27/05 of 2013

    You haven’t even been to Pattaya yet.

    Why don’t you just visit and see how you like it?

    It’s not that easy to live in Thailand. You can not work without a work permit in Thailand.

    If you want to live in Thailand you will have to learn about the Thai visa requirements.

    Join a forum like and read in the Pattaya section.

  3. spanky 9:37 am 27/05 of 2013

    Yo dude – slow down!! – after seeing pattaya, where you can have a honeymoon every night with a different girl – you may not want to rush into a costly marriage – so, relax and enjoy yourself – also, keep in mind that Pattaya is a resort city that barely resembles the rest of Thailand – it is disneyland by the sea, ohhh, sorry Mickey, maybe Las Vegas by the sea with girls instead of slot machines – – – and though you can have a great time in Pattaya andmay never want to leave, it is still probably the worst place to look for a wife.

    As to staying for a couple of years – well, it seems that where there is a will there is a way – not sure of your age or financial status – finding work in Thailand can be a challenge – good luck, relax and enjoy your adventure -


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