How can we get Myanmar (Burme) visa, entering from indian border?

5th of December 2013 1

How can we get Myanmar (Burme) visa, entering from indian border?

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We are Iranian family (my wife and infant son and I) want to travel from India to Malaysia via Myanmar and Thailand. We travel by train and want to enter Myanmar by train. Is it possible? How?

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Answer by پنجابی جٹ
A land border crossing exists between India and Myanmar at Moreh/Tamu. It is uncertain whether foreigners can cross into or out of Myanmar at this crossing. At the least, a foreign (a person who is neither a citizen of India nor a citizen of Myanmar) will need to get a permit to visit the Indian state of Manipur (from India), and a permit to enter or leave Myanmar at Tamu (from Myanmar Travels and Tours. Travellers may also need a permit to travel from Tamu to Kalewa (there are unconfirmed reports that this is no longer required). While there have been confirmed reports of some travellers crossing into Myanmar from India, with their own transport as well as with permits arranged in advance, the general consensus is that obtaining all the necessary permits is very hard

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  1. Kedar Timsina 8:08 am 5/12 of 2013

    we have to ask the border police officers and follow the instructions


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