How did experimentation play a key role in shaping the 1960’s?

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How did experimentation play a key role in shaping the 1960’s?

I am writing an essay about LSD psycho-therapy use and I need to write in my essay about how everyone experimented with drugs, sex, music, etc, in the 60’s but i need more in detail answers please! THANK YOU so much.

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Answer by Thomas
With music no experiments were necessary (as a consumer), you liked it or you didn’t. The same was about sex. About drugs we had received so many warnings, “expert” opinions like those from our mothers, predictions of psychological and social self destruction starting with the first joint, that we all were thinking: that must be something fantastic. I thought in addition: you shouldn’t discuss about something you never tried.
The experimental aspect of the drugs we could buy was, that they were always different in the effect.
Grass (Marijuana) either came from Holland, Thailand or was home grown. All acted differently. Cannabis or Hashish was either Black Afghan, Red Lebanese, Green Moroccan and Green… (I forgot where it came from).
The most different effects were in LSD trips. A “Purple Haze” meant 18 hours of 3D monster cinema (therefore we never took LSD alone, only in company). “Orange Sunshine” was 4 hours of happiness and green monsters were like their name. We also had “gray pyramids” and “Paper Acids”, liquid LSD on blotting paper or stamped on regular letters.
I purchased my first LSD trip i the waiting line of a discotheque, together with 5 friends. Unfortunately I let it drop and the others immediately had swallowed it. So nobody could tell me how it had looked like. Slowly advancing towards the gate guy, my friends were already rolling their eyes when I still was eating all pebble stones which were laying around. Exactly in the second when I wanted to say the first word to the gate man, one of those stones exploded in my belly and so did my brain. One of those pebble stones seemed to have been my Purple Haze, the Queen of the LSD trips. Thereafter I took many things for approximately two years (from 1974 to 1976) and then suddenly it became boring. I stopped and never touched it again, even when having been offered participation for free.The last question of the LSD trippers was answered by Johnny Depp. We asked ourselves if and how anyone in the world could make a film showing how you feel and what you see on a LSD trip. That’s was implemented fantastically in “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas” . Then all open questions were solved. For me it is a funny memory, that’s all. (I always kept my hands off syringes, which saved me from “Yellowing” (Hepatitis B) and Aids.)

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