Lists - How does Western popular music culture Influence the behaviour of the Far Eastern youth?

17th of June 2013 0

How does Western popular music culture Influence the behaviour of the Far Eastern youth?

In your opinion, what impacts and influences did the popular music of Western countries, such as the UK and the US, have on the behaviour of Far Eastern Asian youth, such as Japan, South Korea, China and Thailand, culturally – in considerations of fashion, dancing styles, music consumption, ways of communication, body language etc? Please also state your gender and age for research purposes. Thank you every answer in advance.

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Answer by Suki Dee
It seems to me that since the US had such a big role in making technological advances, as communication improved and people around the world saw what we were doing, they joined in to be part of the new action. Of course they put their own spin on dance and song lyrics and style, but they all played follow the leader. (I know we did our share of following too as bands tried to emulate the Beatles for example.)

I saw this coming many years ago, before it even began. I knew the computer age would let people all over the world see what was going on i other countries. I knew it was just a matter of time before oppressed people in communist China and Korea could finally see what the governments normally wouldn’t allow, and they’d compare their way of life to other countries and start wanting the same things.

The same thing has also already happened (very unfortunately) with smoking. The US led the world in smokers for a long time, then it caught on in other countries. Now we know it causes lung cancer and smoking is on the decline. However, many other countries are still catching up, and they’ll have to learn for themselves that smoking kills because the number of smokers is still rising i some places. Eventually they’ll follow us too. Suki- female, 55.

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