How long flight from kuala lumpur to phuket - How long would it take to get from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket?

1st of April 2013 4

How long would it take to get from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket?


Flying into Kuala Lumpur and I have two days to get to Phuket. Do I jut head north and catch a ferry over to Thailand?
I am doing this because I can get cheap flights to KL but not Phuket.

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Answer by Holidays Rock

I did the same thing but the other way round- from Phuket to KL we just got the train and it took about 10 hours I think. You get a cabin and its not expensive at all. the other benefit is you can get it from right in Town so it saves the long journey to the airport!

Enjoy it!

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  1. Peter 3:42 pm 1/04 of 2013

    How long to get from KL to Phuket??

    Depending on your mode of transport. If fly, an hour of flight. Other mode will be longer.

    You can get cheap flight from KL to Phuket with

    Try that.

  2. idac123 4:15 pm 1/04 of 2013

    if you are planing a long stay in Thailand look at the visa section in the Thai consulate in your country it might supprise you about entering Thailand

  3. ViRg() 4:54 pm 1/04 of 2013

    Well, you can always take the KTM train. It is probably the only mode of transport I can think of that fits your budget requirements. And the journey as to be expected could take awhile so be prepared.

  4. Baby Bean 5:38 pm 1/04 of 2013

    the only sensible mode is by flight and the cheapest is by Firefly and Airasia, you can take a ferry but it is a cruise casino ferry and it is more expensive


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