- How much are flights from Singapore – Koh Samui?

7th of May 2013 1

How much are flights from Singapore – Koh Samui?

Was just wondering what you should expect to pay for flights :-

From Singapore – Koh Samui &
Koh Samui – Bangkok

Am looking for the cheapest flights i can find.

Any help much appreciated


Best answer:

Answer by Charles Foster Mc Kane
Air Asia
Sigapore to Phuket on 9 Oct $ 25, $ 36SPD, 13GBP
Since I don’t have the dates you’ll have to look for yourself

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  1. Chinlak 8:10 am 7/05 of 2013

    The correct fare by Air Asia is S$ 36 plus Taxes at S$ 102 for one way.

    I would suggest you fly from Singapore to Bangkok by Tiger Airways
    which will cost about S$ 260 (including all taxes and service fees for return fare)

    From Bangkok you can take the domestic flight or cheaper if you booked a package by coach which includes lodging from a Thai Travel agent.


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