How much do tourists usually pay for flights to Thailand (Phuket) from England?

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How much do tourists usually pay for flights to Thailand (Phuket) from England?

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Answer by karazyal
Many flights go to Bangkok first. Many tourists take the time to see Bangkok for a few days before they fly off to some beach area. Not seeing Bangkok is like first time tourists flying to Britain and deliberately avoiding London!

A local travel agency where you live can give you prices. You can pull up a few airline websites and enter your departure dates and return dates and you will get prices.

The price you pay depends on if you are flying tourist (economy,) business or even first class. The time of the year you fly affects your price too. Even the airport you fly from affects the price of your ticket. There is no “usual” price because prices fluctuate! But there are times of the year when some ticket prices are cheaper than others. Usually Christmas – New Years holidays are expensive. When it is cold in Britain you will often find the price of tickets higher than spring and fall.

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