How much does it cost to train at Fairtex gym in Thailand?

29th of December 2013 1

How much does it cost to train at Fairtex gym in Thailand?

If I were to travel to Thailand for 3 months, live and train there, how much does it cost to learn muay thai at the fairtex gym where the champions train?
Do the champions instruct at those gyms?

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Answer by Gerald J
To live there and train is not cheap, and the website does say you can train with champions, but you’ll need to contact them for packages and prices:

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  1. pegasus 1551 8:20 am 29/12 of 2013

    Fairtex is probably the most expensive gym in Bangkok- I tried to buy a one week pass- they wanted over $ 200 usd! I say look for a smaller independent gym- prices will no doubt be better.


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