Lists - How much money do i need to bring to Thailand?How much money do I need to bring to Thailand for 2 months?

13th of April 2013 3

How much money do i need to bring to Thailand?How much money do I need to bring to Thailand for 2 months?

Me and my girlfriend are travailing Thailand for 2 months in the summer.

We are planning to live a modest lifestyle staying in average hostile accommodation with maybe the odd trek or activity loaded in.

How much money do you think we will each need?


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Answer by JP
here you go these links will help i hope

my estimate is $ 2000 each this is on the cheap actually you could go evan lower but then it wouldnt be any fun

use the links and figure out your way of traveling good luck
and have fun

oh yea this doesnt include airfare i use

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  1. negeshia 8:02 am 13/04 of 2013

    Many Thais live on 6000 or so Baht a month. For you I would suggest for two people $ 1500 would be a minimum or THB 46000 but that would be pretty sucky. Good Luck

    JP is probably a more reasonable amount. I’d be kind of nervous going on $ 1500 but if you were very conservative you probably could do it. Of course why would you want to go and hate your trip?

  2. karazyal 8:03 am 13/04 of 2013

    How much do you have left after paying for your plane tickets? Two of you sharing a hotel room is cheaper because you only have to pay for one place to stay in. But then the prices add up for meals, transportation, shopping, partying.

    How much can you afford to pay per night for a hotel? You have to start with a budget first. Some hostels are hostile, I don’t think that is word you meant to write though.

    Some hostels you get will be dorms, sharing toilets and cold water showers. Not a lot of privacy there. I would opt for a cheap hotel room instead. Even in Bangkok you can find a hotel room with air, hot water, private toilet/shower and still be around 600 baht. There are cheaper hotels with fan cooling only and cold water which to me is better than any dorm! Remember privacy!!

    Do you have a baht price in mind for a hotel room? Other wise bring the equivalent of $ 2000 US and a credit card for emergencies that might come up.

    Have fun.

  3. arealhighlander 8:47 am 13/04 of 2013

    Lots of others have suggested figures.

    If you are in the UK I would recommend a Nationwide Flexaccount cashcard. Put your money into that before you go. Nationwide do not charge to take the cash out in Thailand, most other banks charge £2-3 each transaction.

    Aos, the Post Office Mastercard credit card do not charge for foreign transactions either. Both cards can save you a lot of money when you are out of the country


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