How much money should I bring for two weeks in Thailand?

3rd of August 2013 4

How much money should I bring for two weeks in Thailand?

Im going to Thailand for New Years and Im trying to figure how much money I should bring with me. We will be spending a majority of the time in Bangkok but will make our way over the Phuket. I was thinking $ 4-500 would be good. Any input would be appreciated!
I am traveling with my boyfriend. He has friends in Bangkok who we will be staying with while there. Every where else we want to go we have to split. So I take it like $ 35/day two ways is like 17.50/day?

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Answer by joe m
Peanuts–$ 500?? come on, do you want to scrimp? Bring all you can, you can allways bring it back , but you cant spend it if needed–when it,s not with you

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  1. nowhereman 8:09 am 3/08 of 2013

    new years season in thailand is the high season for hotels at beach resorts, i doubt if your going to have much fun on 4 to 500 dollars for two weeks for two people or maybe more since you say we. if you really plan to enjoy yourself. you can eat cheap at local shops and stay at small guest houses but still it not much to have fun.

  2. negeshia 8:14 am 3/08 of 2013

    $ 500 would be a very minimum ($ 35 per day). Thats 1100 baht a day. You can stroll on the beach, walk around town, eat on the side of the road and stay at a guest house. Maybe a few beers.

  3. Adam 9:00 am 3/08 of 2013

    why come here and not have the money to enjoy the place. get a loan or don’t bother coming and wasting your time.

  4. John T 9:52 am 3/08 of 2013

    you can live easily with food and drink for that money.
    everything is so super cheap here.


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