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How much should I expect to spend a day in Malaysia and Thailand budget travel? Thanks?

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The date is January and February 2007. This estimated cost should include hostel, food, transport and things like that. I appreciate if you can give me your recommedations in US dollars. Thanks a lot!
One more thing, I’m from Argentina, so budget travel means really that!

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Answer by Jakob the Liar eats Gumbo Shrimp
It really depends on how much you want to spend on fun stuff (how much you want to drink, taking tours, etc). But living in quite cheap but acceptable guesthouses (few hostels in Thailand that I know of, but gueshouses are just as cheap), eating the local cuisine, doing at least one unique fun thing a day, you could average about $ 25 a day, no joke. Sometimes less. So, try to cheap it. You can still have a lot of fun. I lived in Thailand for 3 years.

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  1. gwu25 8:29 am 1/12 of 2013

    if you’re willing to stay in hostels with shared bathrooms etc, it will onlt cost you $ 5-$ 10 per night. (no air conditioning!!) If you want your own room with AC, simple local hotels will prob cost as low as $ 25-$ 30 US. Local food is cheap… you can eat cheap for $ 10 day… just depends on what you want to eat. Bus, taxis etc are inexpensive.

  2. abigail c 8:44 am 1/12 of 2013

    no se que decis,no se ingles.gracias por los dos puntos

  3. kenk24 9:17 am 1/12 of 2013

    You can eat great street food for $ 1 a meal anywhere in Thailand.. there are backpacker style lodgings and low end places for $ 3 a night – sometimes but rarely less.. after that bus travel is reasonable – maybe $ 12 from Bkk – Chiang Mai for example – – so, it might depend on how quickly you are moving or staying in the same place.. of course, extras are extra – go out for a couple of beers and you might double your costs, but this should give you an idea of bare bones minimum.. – maybe another $ 1 a day for water… good travels


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