How much private jet to thailnd - How much to charter a private jet from Houston to Phuket?

6th of December 2012 0

How much to charter a private jet from Houston to Phuket?

Round trip first class tickets on a commercial airline from Houston, TX, to Phuket, Thailand, cost $ 13000 and up per person. It sounds like it would be cheaper to charter a private jet! But how much cheaper?
No, not joking. With 3 or 4 people flying together, that comes to more than $ 50,000 in airfare. It seemed reasonable that I could charter a jet for cheaper. I guess not. :-/

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Answer by John
You must be joking. Ten hours of flight time on a chartered jet comes to about 43,000. The flight from Houston to Phuket would be well over 15 hours. Round trip then comes out to thirty hours, meaning you’re looking at a bill of over 125,000 dollars =]

13,000 is really not bad at all for a trans-pacific flight in first, assuming it’s a three class plane.

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