How Thailand is moving from its political and social chaos?

24th of March 2011 1

How Thailand is moving from its political and social chaos?

I zeg1. Ignores the crown prince to king worden2. Crackdown and destroy the prostitution, drugs, crime, pornography, violence and gangs. Stop turning Thailand into the worlds of sex and drugs capital3. Free democratic verkiezingen4. Stop the corruptie5. Stop the military and police interference in the politiek.Ik love Thailand, it hurts to see her slip into chaos and seediness.Ook .. I dont care what you say! I love Thailand! Best answer:

Answer Delauria
The current prime minister is working hard to start. But what are deeply rooted and practiced a long time ago, can not simply be stopped in a very short time. It takes time and real efforts to make it. People should learn not to cast their votes to sell for only a hundred or two hundred Baht. They must realize that when politicians spend a lot, they had “to recover” by hook or crook. Educating the people. They sell them very cheap! And then complain !!!

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  1. Borg 7:56 am 24/03 of 2011

    You’re wrong, first step is to stop red shirts from changing democracy to communist.
    – prostitution, drug>> only found in Thailand, really?
    – crime >> Compared to USA, nothing to worry about.
    – porn >> Compared to Japan, USA, nothing to worry about.

    Stop corruption and giving education are the most important.


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