How to Eat Cheap at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport

9th of September 2012 17

How to Eat Cheap at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport

Membership site now open: With the weird flight schedule of arriving and departing flights at Suvarnabhumi Airport you end up having to hang out for quite a while sometimes. I used to scout around to find something to take the hunger edge off but just could not stomach the high prices and felt like I do in all airports, that they gouge you on prices. They know they have a captive audience. So I want to turn you on to a place to eat good Thai food at Thai prices inside the airport. It is a food court called Magic Food Point. They have most Thai dishes that you would be familiar with but they are priced for the airport employees. So if you are retired or traveling on a budget, this is the place to fill up. Check it out. For more videos, books on retiring abroad, personal phone consultations and a Retirement Budget Calculator go check out

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17 great comment(s) for this post

  1. retirecheapjc 8:04 am 9/09 of 2012

    Thank you for your opinion.

  2. zzzthaoster 8:31 am 9/09 of 2012

    My point is Thailand is only cheap and affordable for now, while it is still on the poor side, once it’s really develope and establish too it won’t be so cheap anymore. It’s true.

  3. retirecheapjc 9:27 am 9/09 of 2012

    Scarcity mentality. Helping others that don’t have the means to have many choices in life heavily outweighs the POSSIBILITY that by giving these businesses more business, especially the little businesses, will somehow make things more expensive. Not sure how that theory equates anyway!

  4. zzzthaoster 10:23 am 9/09 of 2012

    why is this guy letting all the secrets of cheap living out to the world?

    soon people will move to thialand and things won’t be cheap anymore.

  5. retirecheapjc 10:37 am 9/09 of 2012

    Thanks. Actually it’s pretty good food at a great price for an airport.

  6. Svein Arne Grønnevik 10:38 am 9/09 of 2012

    Nice to know where to eat cheap if you are on a budget. And most of us are.

    Very informative as always! Keep on the good work! :-)

  7. keenok100 11:36 am 9/09 of 2012

    U know one of the great things about Thailand is that everything is priced so that even the poorest of Thais are generally taken care of. Prices for the noodles soups were 30-35 bt, the same as from a street vendor! Believe it or not there have been people inJAPAN who have literally STARVED to death in recent years! JAPAN where per capita income is about 50K$!! U will NEVER hear of such horrors in LOS!The rich in BKK are SUPER RICH, but that does mean the poor are starving!LOS has gud values!

  8. theonlypreciousyang 12:23 pm 9/09 of 2012

    I mean’t Not able to retire in America

  9. theonlypreciousyang 1:04 pm 9/09 of 2012

    I don’t know quite yet BUT I know I will be able to afford retiring in America.. Look at our country- everything is going downhill- education system, medicare system, economy system.. Forget my retirement SSI cause I won’t have one by the time I retire..

  10. retirecheapjc 1:26 pm 9/09 of 2012

    What’s your plan?

  11. theonlypreciousyang 1:32 pm 9/09 of 2012

    oh mah gosh— Thats exactly my plan for retiring…

  12. retirecheapjc 2:21 pm 9/09 of 2012

    Yea, a slam dunk at 35,000. Soi Buakohao if you want to live in a Hamilton Beach mixer and Nakula if you want a more sane pace of life but still close to everything.

  13. Daniel Y 2:39 pm 9/09 of 2012

    @jc i was there and even thou I’m not reiterating soon I’m going to prepare to stay there , I love the people and culture , I’m only 35. And I’m happy to find Thailand so early . Do u think I can live there In a good way with , 35000 baht a month? And I saw good prices in pattaya in a place called soi buakohao if u know it. Or nakula . ;-)

  14. retirecheapjc 3:26 pm 9/09 of 2012

    Thanks irishrover99. I am glad you found it useful.

  15. retirecheapjc 3:27 pm 9/09 of 2012

    Yea, why pay inflated airport prices? We are in Thailand after all!

  16. irishrover99 4:21 pm 9/09 of 2012

    good info mate 

  17. Daniel Y 5:01 pm 9/09 of 2012

     thanks man this is really good


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