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12th of September 2013 1

How to running night bar to have more customer?

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I have running night bar in koh samui, Thailand for a while but I want have some suggestion how to doing good and more attend to everyone!

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Answer by George V
I dont know where you have your bar in Samui but I assume its in Chaweng beach as thats where most of the nightlife on Samui is found.

In Phuket all the beer bars are located right in the centre of Patong on Bangla however I believe that many of the beer bars in Chaweng are located in a somewhat less then ideal location on the outskirts near the Raiggae bar which is not very ideal as there is little foot traffic.

Anyway, how to make farangs happy so that they come to your bar and spend the evening is what you wanted to know. I have seen what some bar owners did well while I saw many occasions of where bars made big errors which led to them closing down.

First of all, the bar girls are important ofcourse. There should always be at least 6 – 8 girls present at all times as nothing is worse then going to a bar with 2 or 3 girls. Farangs wont want to go inside.

Also make sure that you have a mix of girls, some hot and young ones, one or 2 somewhat more older and elegant for the older guests etc. There should be atleast one or 2 ladies for any guy taste.

Some bar you see only have old ladies, only have very young ladies or only have girls with big tattoe and piercings. This is not good as you are narrowing the group of clients that would want to sit down.

Dont play the music too loud and if you play lots of music then get a proper selection of cd’s and not have the same disc play over and over. Also try to get Direct TV for the football as most europeans will insist on sitting in a bar that has one.

Do not let the girls get drunk mak mak so that they start being ting tong and loud as guys really dont like this. Ok maybe if this happen at 2 am but definitely not at 8 or 11 pm as its busy time then.

Believe it or not, many farang not only want boem boem but also like to talk to lady. If your bar girls can speak good english then the customer more likely to spend the evening drinking at your bar and chatting with the ladies. Do not let them cheat any customer and if you find out you have to check them out. If Farang hear about some bar with cheating staff then quickly many people will know and it will probably come on the internet etc etc.

Try to do small things which make your bar unique. I remember that bar only always give stupid peanuts. Every single bar same same.

How about every 1 or 2 hour you have some warm snack such as spring roll or Kai Sate. Doesn’t have to be much but its the idea behind it and I bet you all the Farang will be impressed and the next evening they come back again. Its because you are trying to be a good host and make the atmosphere comfortable and enjoyable.

Try to organize some special event or party once a week with a different theme each week. Maybe one week would be beach party style, next week could be Disco 70’s etc.

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  1. fishead 8:33 am 12/09 of 2013

    A bar is only as good as its bargirls
    They should be friendly. They should be nice and funny. They should be healthly they should not be spreading around diseases with customers. If you get one who is a thief fire her no second chance.

    Play good music. Most people who go to the beer bars don’t want to hear that rave crap that they play in all the trendy disco’s
    If you want to get an upbeat mood try to get people to ring the bell.


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