I need food I can buy in america in Thailand know?

2nd of January 2011 2

I need food I can buy in america in Thailand know?

Well I have a school project and I have to take food from Thailand for the class. must be store bought, I do caan’t. I have no idea what to take for next week. Best answer:

Answer Spanky
Go to any oriental food store near you and ask –

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  1. karazyal 9:13 am 2/01 of 2011

    I have purchased soy sauce made in Thailand and sold in the US.

    I have purchased pineapple in cans that came from Thailand.

    Same for tuna fish, check your can out. Even sardines.

    Banana, coconut and other dried fruits in snack bags.

    Coconut milk in a can. Whole coconuts and pineapples too! Plus miscellaneous tropical fruits.

    Good luck.

  2. Delauria 9:21 am 2/01 of 2011

    Name it, and we have most of them now in Thailand. Just go to those
    big super markets, like Big C, Lotus. Makro. Carrefour, Central, and other supermarkets and you can find lot of them, Most of these supermarkets are owned by foreign investors and so they try also to
    have these foreign stocks in their stores.


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