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3rd of March 2014 4

In Pattaya, Thailand…Which hotel/motel is a good cheap one?

I want to be able to bring a ‘guest’ back sometimes and not be charged for the extra person…also, I’m not really a loud party type of person
I’m not into beach or pool nonsense…I just want a hotel room i can bring a guest for free…I hate using public transport also…i’d rather walk

@karazyle…………cheap to me is $ 2 a night

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Answer by karazyal
If you are using a motel you are too far from the city! Most of the popular tourist haunts are on Pattaya Sai Song and Beach Road and some of the nearby side sois. Since local transportation in Pattaya is only 10 baht there is no need to use bike or a car. Many tourists using bikes end up dead or in serious accidents anyway.

Just like in your other questions. Something is always left out of your question. How much do you want to spend on a hotel room? Cheap doesn’t mean anything! For some tourists only paying $ 100 US or 3000 baht a night is cheap! For others being under 1000 baht is cheap to them.

From below hotels you can walk to cheap 10 baht transportation, walk to malls, walk to nightlife, walk to restaurants and even supermarkets.

Ice Inn.

Lek Hotel.

Bay Breeze.

Pattaya Ibis.

Even cheaper hotels, with air and private toilet on Soi Buakaow. See map below.


Lots of hotel advice on this forum:

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  1. LaaMok 8:22 am 3/03 of 2014

    I recommend staying at its very quiet down there.

    For up to date hotel info, check out

  2. Gerald 8:41 am 3/03 of 2014

    To be honest it’s a very broad question because everybody has different preferences and you didn’t mention a price range for us to go from.

    However, from what you did describe I would recommend the Sunshine Hotel on Soi 8. It’s right off of beach road, “guest friendly”, in the middle of a party area, and won’t set you back much more than $ 30 per night.

    Just do a google search for Sunshine Pattaya and you’ll find their site.

  3. markeewan 8:47 am 3/03 of 2014

    If you are going to pay for your friends company then you may as well stay in her room and save yourself some money.
    But this place looks cheap and central if you want to check it out.

  4. scottie322 9:39 am 3/03 of 2014

    In a good location for walking is Sawadee Mansion Hotel ( book through for best price ) 10 mins from Walking Street or 10 Mins Soi 7,8 .- also check out my favourite R-Con Residence.
    Any place along Second Road or Beach Road is worth checking out as only 10 Baht per journey for Baht Bus.
    Both are guest friendly hotels.


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