Is it as cheap to travel in Mexico as it is in Thailand? Where are other budget destinations?

25th of December 2013 3

Is it as cheap to travel in Mexico as it is in Thailand? Where are other budget destinations?

Love travelling to Thailand, i’ve been there 4 times (relatively cheap to get to as I live in Australia), also travelled to Vietnam, and Bali (although wasn’t so keen on the last one).

Think India may be on the list, where else has similar cheap accom and day to day living expenses? Any travel tips or stories would be appreciated,


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Answer by Sunny D
Air India SUCKS..but the country is great. also there are ridiculously cheap hotels there that are in decent condition. i went to one on Juhu Beach that was 3-star, pretty cheap, and they didnt try to rip u off that much. u just have to argue and ull get ur way.

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  1. oneiloilokano 8:20 am 25/12 of 2013

    Philippines. It is slightly cheaper than Thailand and most of the natives speak or at least understand english.

  2. Murdockk 8:30 am 25/12 of 2013

    Thailand is cheaper than Mexico.

  3. Terry E 9:22 am 25/12 of 2013

    The Philipines may appear to be less expensive for a holiday than Thailand, it’s really not. If you enjoy pickpockets, guns/weapons pointed at you, corrupt police officers who will place you in jail if their “tip” isn’t large enough, then have fun there, and that’s just in Angeles City.

    Better alternatives to the PI: Interior of Mexico, Panama, and Columbia. In Mexico, if you can avoid the “Gringo” tourist locations, and go to not as popular beaches, the cost is minimal for food, drink, women, and billet. Panama has a great nightlife so that may be your biggest cost; food, drink, women and billet are reasonable. Columbia, outside of Bogota, is relatively inexpensive; the nightlife rivals Madrid but the food is superior. Can’t recall how much hotels were but we had a group rate negotiated by a Columbian friend of mine; food, drinks, women and nightlife were very affordable for our 7 days/nites there.


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