Is it safe to travel Thailand now?

9th of May 2011 4

Is it safe to travel Thailand now?

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I go on holiday to Thailand and Vietnam, but I read the latest news and they are right in riots now.Do you think it is safe to travel there in November? Best answer:

Answer Crazeddoglady
Hard to say if Thailand will resolve problems in November. I would think so, but I’m just guessing.

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  1. m H 5:07 pm 9/05 of 2011

    I would say that by November this situation in Thailand will have cleared up. Hold off purchasing your tickets until the situation has steadied itself. I am leaving this Saturday and quite nervous about it to be honest.

  2. shaggy 6:06 pm 9/05 of 2011

    no body knows, try your luck.

  3. IntlCop 6:49 pm 9/05 of 2011

    Do you really mean around Thailand ? It’s quite far though.
    If you still want to do so , I recommend Anti-Clockwise is a good choice.

  4. ryan_xj 6:54 pm 9/05 of 2011

    ofcourse, it is always good to visit thailand, same as their neighboring countries such as philippines. I love that country. Same as with vietnam too.


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