Is Thailand has more to offer than the Phlippines?

24th of February 2013 8

Is Thailand has more to offer than the Phlippines?

I’ve been working in Europe for how many years now and most of Europeans whenever i asked them about great places in Southeast Asia, they’d always say Thailand, Thailand and Thailand….
Sawasdee kah!

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Answer by Mutya ng Ilog Pasig
Yes, more prostitutes, cheaper than a bottle of coke.

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  1. Naomi Summer 8:09 am 24/02 of 2013

    yes. they offer lots of voodoos and black magics! creepy…

  2. David 8:22 am 24/02 of 2013

    ive enjoyed both places. each very unique. PERSONALLY i liked philippines a bit better. both places seemed friendly towards foreigners though :)

  3. Papa Alpha Oscar-lylo 8:44 am 24/02 of 2013

    they love you long time.

    too bad they can’t speak English like they do in the movies.

  4. JKoolJ 9:09 am 24/02 of 2013

    whether they like it or not, thailand has gained international notoriety as sex tourism destination. also, foreigners seem to think that things are relatively cheaper there than in the philippines. and it doesn’t help that our country has been constantly in the news re: poor peace and order situation. it is in the south (some areas of mindanao only) but some foreigners don’t know how far that is from our best tourist spots like boracay and palawan.

  5. great traveller 9:45 am 24/02 of 2013

    Philippines is a lot better than Thailand, most especially when it comes to Tourism. There are a lot to see in Philippines, check this out: In addition, Filipinos are know to be hospitable. I’ve been to Thailand, and I can say that Philippines is still the best for me compared to Thailand.

  6. PopsLove 6 10:45 am 24/02 of 2013

    The sex trade in Thailand is booming, especially at Pattaya Beach..
    Their baht is cheaper than the peso.
    The Thailand tourist trade was established much earlier than that of the Philippines.

  7. oneiloilokano 11:04 am 24/02 of 2013

    No way. Been to both places many times and decided to retire in the Philippines.

    Philippines Pros:
    1. Cheaper cost of living.
    2. No language barrier, most speak english well near the cities.
    3. People here in the Philippines are definately friendlier to foreigners than the Thai’s.
    4. Lots of nice food here that I can eat. If you like scortching hot spicey food, then Thailand is for you. But there are some Thai resturants around if you want that type of food.
    5. Visa reqirements are much easier and cheaper here. The income required for a retirement visa here is $ 800 a month vice $ 1,800. Tourist visas can be extended up to 18 months here vice no extensions on tourist visas and the max stay is 30 days.

  8. Karina 11:20 am 24/02 of 2013

    It really depends on what the tourists are looking for. Easy good time or quality good time? For the best dollar value, the Philippines has more to offer.


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