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Journal Henk Jansen (4): A day Bangkok from Pak Kret

ScreenHunter 37 Jan 14 14:29 Diary HenkJansen (4). A day Bangkok from Pak Kret

morning went by car to Pak Kret, to bus 104 stepped few passengers. Seats aplenty. This bus goes towards Mo Chit bus station. Normally I take bus 166 to Victory Monument. This time, so here it safe played there it was unclear whether it was accessible.

From Mo Chit on a motorbike taxi to the BTS. No crowds on the road and also at the BTS was nothing to doen.Tijdstip 10:00 am. At Victory Monument disembarked and yes, even here on the trails hardly doing anything. Here were a number of employees to sell. Tickets for the return journey This was to prevent a rush at the counters would arise.

MODELS € ™ s made and then the BTS at Ratchathewi. In mezo coffee shop drinking a cappuccino. Then walked to Siam. Here began the crowds well and the whistles were obviously clearly audible.

The two people I encountered were seeking, and I asked them where they wanted to go. So they wanted to MBK. Explained how they could get the safest there. Grateful and confident they persecuted their way.

Walking to Siam Paragon

myself am running went to Siam Paragon. On the road it was busy but the store squares with fountains where it is normally a whole crowds, was nothing to do. No sooner said you could shoot a cannonball …… (do so).

Despite all the warnings and so there were a lot of tourists in the crowd. Parents with children whose children had everything that was on sale for the demonstrations.

ScreenHunter 41 Jan 14 14:30 300x226 Diary HenkJansen (4). A day Bangkok from Pak Kret The atmosphere was good and the accessibility was really no problem. The BTS Siam was hardly busy to call. Since I last week my charger for my Samsung tablet was forgotten in the true Coffee in Siam Paragon, I also went here but inside. The charger they had neatly kept and I have shown my gratitude.

Siam Paragon escalators were empty. Unimaginable. Normally you stand here in line. Also the food park was comparatively very quiet. According to news reports at MBK very busy ..


MODELS € ™ s course was the idea. The kindness of people around € ™ s create a Photo was really super. Just ask and yes they posed. The T-shirts, flags, hand clappers and whistles were snapped.

to Phra Khanong, Victory Monument and back to Pak Kret

then again with the BTS to Phra Khanong. Lunch here. Delicious that you can just sit in the BTS now. Nowhere crowds.

4 pm return trips to Victory Monument. Again not very busy and walked to the bus. Both bus 166 when the minibuses just departed and arrived at simply so. No queues, and now with the minibus to Pak Kret back. Unlike otherwise I was back. Within normal times

Bangkok certainly does not shun

Chaeng Whattana road was dropped off at the height of the Goverment complex, but the route as bus 166 runs, can be simply taken.

Whoever therefore wants to make a trip can be no problems with the bus to Pak Kret here and make the crossing to Koh Kret, a beautiful island without demonstrations. Of course you can in the morning by boat to it and at the end of the day, for example, back to Khao San Road.

from Ratchathewi you walk towards MBK and the height of the bridge, you can take the boat to example Bobae market and finally terminus at Rambuttri Road, for example, from here you can walk to the Grand Palace.

For tourists who are afraid, as long as you do not run into the crowd on the sidelines and occasionally lagging behind the fences, you can quite easily travel. Also you get when you’re a little creative and take back the streets along some nice spots against. Bangkok shun certainly not.


As with all demonstrations anywhere in the world is the careful and take safety into account with regard to your wallet. I’m certainly not a disaster tourist, but this day was just super again. With a little improvising you sure you want to spend holidays in Bangkok.

Journal Henk Jansen (part 3) was published on December 10, 2013.

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