Journal HenkJansen (Part 3)

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Journal HenkJansen (Part 3)

tuktuk Journal HenkJansen (Part 3) A visit to the Embassy of Cambodia began with a tuktuk ride from Ratchathewi. According to the director, he knew where he was going. Starting price was 200 baht, I told him that if I went with the taxi was about 80 baht, he could do it, so for that price


The ride was then started, and how strange it was, he went a different way. According to him, he knew. However, arrived at the place which he was thus the embassy, ​​this turned out to be erroneous. The distance as the crow flies was therefore less than 2 km, pale. But after asking so he still brought me neatly to the well-known place. So even just paid 80 baht.

visa you can easily get to this embassy, ​​but here he is about 400 bath more expensive. The price is $ 20 at the airport and at the embassy 1,000 baht. I had a question if I could get to Cambodia. A multiple entry visa Not possible.

There were also some people fumbling with paper, I asked if I could help them. So together the paperwork completed, explained what was needed and they then paid 1000 baht, namely the trip went by bus. The guests came from Australia «. It was nice that we went to Phnom Penh on the same day, I by plane and by bus.

We agreed that I would book where I stayed. guesthouse for them So send an email to the guesthouse where I stayed before. Then we went together to the barbecue restaurant where we spent the night.

This location near Victory Monument (BTS) is a very good location for an evening barbecue. Lots of choice for little money, we finally remain Dutch. In Cambodia, I have some trips for them regularly and we agreed that we then meet again in Bangkok.

to Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh itself I went to Kampong Speu with some acquaintances in the tuktuk. The parents live here. Advance was told that there was no toilet. Well, there you’ll get over it.

â € ™ in the tuk tuk morning at 6am. Through all kinds of markets still quite some shopping along the way were smashed. The tuk-tuk was so full when we finally arrived, the last 15 miles was a hellish road. The bumps and holes were huge.

The village was not very big we eventually arrived, all of the same construction. House on stilts. Besides that there was no toilet, they had no water, electricity, and therefore no washing facilities. A cooking place was just wood and there was also the whole day cooking.

The people of the village came to really see what it was weird guy, the kids found it absolutely fascinating. The care mosquitoes amount was big, too. The cows, pigs ran just under the house and the chickens and ducks just walked around.

Before it got dark, we walked through the rice fields to a well / pool here, so had to be washed. Well yes, but also stay here. You go to sleep when it gets dark, so that was about 18 hours.

The next morning it was up early again, because it was light. The workers in the rice fields were busy again. The quietness that you get here is phenomenal. On the way to the well, so again wash and shave.

The children from the village came along and wanted to learn some English words. Funny to do and eventually they knew nose, arm, head, etc. in English. Also, by designating it was clear what was meant.

After three days the journey was begun, and we came back to Phnom Penh. In the guesthouse first took a hot shower. Since a few official “le were public holidays, it was extremely quiet.

Friday as the phone plates appreciate the Smart Shop. All ringing of the shop, there was a motorbike with two people so fly quickly pulled the phone out of my hand that you do not even could do about anything.

shame, because the phone was not even two months old. The previous Samsung Note 2 was also stolen. No matter how careful you are. So then we did on the way to the police station, reporting and remotely erase the contents of the phone.

The funny thing is that they do not have escalators in Phnom Penh so long. Years ago this was a unique thing. However, even now there are still many people who do not dare to stand there and watch. Something for us is normal, so does not seem to be so. Normally My visa is again arranged for three months, this was the ultimate purpose of my trip to Phnom Penh.

Bangkok, Indonesia «rs with e-Book € ™ s

In Bangkok you see at the airport regularly, people from Indonesia «with huge e-Book € ™ s that go along on the trip. At one point you’re curious why they all bring a TV.

Now I found someone I could explain this. The price difference is 25 percent. In the homeland, there are companies that you just ask (for a fee) to buy. TV In Bangkok you’ve also special stores. They then get a coupon that they buy the TV.


homeland arrived there freight autoâ € ™ s done where you hand brought TVA and then you iron your commission. This is not some e-Book € ™ s but with 100 and more. So the economy is just as we do in the Netherlands, we get the gasoline, wine and spirits even across the border.

An employee at the 7-Eleven moves

growth opportunities of an employee’s manager is possible. And yes, on Saturday ended its work near the Plaza PTT life and she moved to the area where we live. We picked her up on Sunday and taken to her new condo for rent that was 2000 baht. A location near Chaeng Watthana Road.

lot needed to be cleaned, how do you do that? Well, so they had nothing. We then have only taken the stuff and help clean up the mess. On Monday, with its route explains how she could get the most economical and fastest to her work and at the end of the day again.

Because the meantime become friends from Australia «back were in Bangkok, I even let them go to Hua Hin for a few days guesthouse arranged etc. On the Saturday we took the excursion train to the bridge over the river Kwai been. We have already made this trip several times. However, this train is an experience, and anyone who acts in this way to go, get a good picture.

This excursion train runs only on Saturday and Sunday. Departure 6:30 a.m. There were a lot of locals in. The train was full and happy we were on time so we had a zitplaatsje. First visited a temple, then through to the bridge. This first walk over the bridge and then by train. Next to the waterfall and equally delicious gerelaxt here.

Back to Kanchanaburi and visited the cemetery there in a rapid speed. With a huge downpour we drove back to Bangkok. We ended the day at a barbecue restaurant near Victory. A long day but satisfied.



Then you occasionally Also consider Netherlands. Buying a ticket is always a struggle. How do you get the cheapest ticket? I have had several companies. The one thing better than another, but this time a trip to Saudi Arabia “. The ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Frankfurt cost 189 euros. Air Asia to Kuala Lumpur for 35 euros.

I had booked a guesthouse in Riyadh. However, after three to have visited the embassy of Saudi Arabia «became clear to me that so you do not get a visa for transit of à © à © n night.

waiting at the airport was thus less fun … 15 hours sitting in the transit area. Anyway, if you want to sit for a dime on the first row, then this happens to you once. For tight 225 euros one way you may have no expectations. However, the space and the entertainment system were perfect. The food and drink was somewhat sparse but well, it was doable.

Another experience: a plane with Arabs on their way to Germany. The setback came at Frankfurt. The ICE I had booked, just forget about the time difference. Booked for 5 hours instead of 17 hours. Have had to buy a new ticket.

The journey will soon take over from Frankfurt to Hanoi on to Phnom Penh. Here five days to spend and then on to Bangkok. I hope you take it easy in the city and a bit about his disorder.

previous Journal HenkJansen appeared on September 25.

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