Journal HenkJansen (Part 5)

7th of February 2014 0

Journal HenkJansen (Part 5)

Night Market Journal HenkJansen (Part 5) Today I made a trip through Nonthaburi by boat to Phra Arthit. From here went to the boat at Phan Fa to take you to MBK.

crowds was very bad. The protestcomità © Phan Fa had at the premises as a precaution lined with canvas. Presumably for fear of riots. However, any of activity was not the case.

Siam still the crowds. Again, still free water. From Siam traveled through the skytrain to Surasak, I had returned for a visa for Myanmar. My passport last week The crowds that you saw here in the embassy was unprecedented. There were at least fifty people ahead of me in line who came to pick up their passports.

This can therefore only from 15.30 to 16.30. But it was all neatly arranged, despite the heat inside. Visa sat neatly in the passport. The visa run to Myanmar this time. More on this later.

to the night market

As in a previous diary already written, we are occasionally on the market when the condors in Pak Kret. Usually, this is from one hour, or 2 to 6 hours. It is cozy, busy and trade is just fun. The neighbor said that there is a night market in Pak Kret. Literally a night market, because so it starts at 12 o’clock and stop ZOA € ™ s little 10am â € ~ morning.

We are thus once again gone to the trade. You know where to look so great diversity of new and second hand stuff. We have a nice place searched. The items displayed and yes, the sale begins. Unprecedented, the thai walk around here with a flashlight to see.

stuffOur â € ~

traders € ™ flourishing and power banks are eagerly taken. Now we are also low priced! The special toothbrushes for smoking people are taken. Every five and twelve pieces

6 hours, it starts to get light

At about 6 starts to get the light. The audience keeps coming. We had a nice neighbor who informed us about the ups and downs. The price of a pitch is 70 baht. Last weekend we went both Saturday and Sunday. We have expanded our trade with …. flashlights. And yes, the stock was sold. The power benches were nearly sold out after two days.

The strange thing is that as soon as you arrive, the people have come to see what you have for sale. We had some backpacks and other spullenâ € |. were sold before we were well and truly opened. Fortunately, a new supply route. We now also rent a parasol for 20 bath because the sun shines at 8 am surely reasonable on your ball. 90 bath so you have a whole night of fun.

is no mention of double salary in the night hours. It turns out that there are many sellers who do just that in addition to their regular job. Funny thing is that after the first time there have been have been repeat customers.

You have to do something to keep


The market is called Chonprathan. For someone who wants something different than the once famous market, this is definitely worth it. No one has electricity. Everything with flashlights and rechargeable lamps.

The atmosphere is cozy. The food stalls are abundantly present. The â € ~ € ™ koffieleverancierâ bring my coffee, after à © à © n night he already knows that I’m a reasonable coffee drinker. You have to do something to stay awake. The price of coffee is 15 bath, bath sandwich 7. And also worried.

So here you will learn why the likes of Thai shopping. The night is cool and why they find this amazing market. Then to the shopping mall and there it is cool during the day. Since we agreed to also market near home to do and we practically had gotten little sleep. Between times also to suppliers We will certainly be back next weekend. Mondays rest of the weekend.

The Big Tiger Prison

Because some contacts with an employee in Bang Kwang Prison (also known as Bangkok Hilton), this person called Dr Charnchai Nimsombon written a number of books. He is responsible as Skillful Penologist.  Afd.Foreign Affairs Section. Writing is an art, selling is an art. The stock is thus to stand. Two books in Thai and à © à © n book in English.

The big Tiger Prison is a book written from the perspective of the custodian. Most of the books that have been written, were written by prisoners. Here, the information such as the author passes:

à ¹ ~ The big tiger prison 228x300 Diary HenkJansen (Part 5) The English copy is “The Big Tiger Prison: The Big Bang Kwang Truth from Confinement Area” It’s the story about the life or foreign inmates in Bang Kwang prison in viewpoint of the prison officers Because, in the past time, the x-inmates had wrote the books (Bestseller) about this prison in the wrong way so the author want the people to know the opposite side of the inmates. In this book, it is about rice, food, drinking water, showering, toilet, the place to reside, the attire, the medical treatment, communication, entertainment, religious activities, punishment, etc. That the foreign inmates did complain to the prison.

To help boost sales of the book, we agreed that we’re going to help. Saturday and Sunday 15 and 16 February we are going to try to sell near the Grand Palace. Books Preparations are in full swing. The table is ready. The banner is made. I wonder how this project goes smoothly.

I recommend, some talk, my girlfriend does trade

For those who are wondering how all this can be a Dutchman without a work permit. I recommend, I talk a bit and my girlfriend (Thai) does trade. Yes, she has a normal job. Only she finds markets also very fun to do.

We get a visit from the police. Laughing because I sit on a stool and just responds when they have questions. Speak nit noi Thai. Fun without problems. Buy even the police. For the rest mai pen rai .

My orders come in from the Netherlands or by email. I send it by mail. Allows you have already busy throughout the week. The books form a new project. In another diary is a record of the sale.

â € ~ Journal HenkJansen (4): A day from Pak Kret Bangkok â € ™ appeared on January 15. Since then, he wrote, â € ~ Bangkok Shutdown: Despite the accessibility not probleemâ € ™ (January 18)


communication Submitted

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