Journal Kees Roijter (4): Thailand, Thailand Beautiful

27th of November 2013 0

Journal Kees Roijter (4): Thailand, Thailand Beautiful

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When we were first married, we agreed that we were going to live if I did not have to work there. I am all the time remain 36 years dreaming. Dreams help you through difficult times. They change depending on your age. You are realistic, I think you dream a little.

Thailand has become a bit of my country. Just as the Netherlands a little Pon has become her country. The day we go, coming steadily closer. I find myself that I have to worry about anything and everything.


Thailand Blog certainly adds a bit, if you believe what is sometimes written wordt. everything Then you wonder whether you ever want to live. In some postings, it is a relentless stream of negative reactions. You have to read between the little that I know. Still eats at my dream.

My beautiful dream: I see it being slowly devoured him. What remains is reality. That is different, so different from a dream. I’ve never thought about as intense as the last time. I worry worry Pon. If I’m not there, she stands alone.

My dog, my little beesie, which I love so much, it is inconceivable that he did not go along. 12 hours in the hold, I can not sleep. This and much more of that sort of thing through my head.

Little things suddenly become important things I’ve never made me busy. Is that normal? Make me too busy? I need to watch my beautiful dream does not turn into a nightmare. There will also be emotions: our children, our first granddaughter. She is so beautiful, so sweet, we’re going to miss them. I had in my dreams never bothered.

I’m afraid it will not work

I also realize that I’m going to idealize Thailand. How should I proceed? I had so planned to have to go along with Pon and not as it was formerly the adventure after my working life: you work long hard life and then die quickly but


I’m just a simple man. I’m afraid it’s not going to work. Afraid I disappear behind the famous geraniums. Afraid that my beautiful dream not going to come out.

Another issue is that the more my dream is that of Pon. Her dream is what watered. She has become a Dutch in a Thai twist. She loves Netherlands. Has built a social life with many friends. They should for the second keera release in her life, that’s not niks. Pona € ™ s voice is therefore decisive for mij. We then consider too seriously what basis I have mentioned here and many more things.

First I have half a year to go. Then the increment is not so large. Then we can put everything in Thailand at a glance. See how it suits us. Maybe I see ghosts is perhaps not all that bad. The future will tell. With a half-dream I am tevree.

Greeting Pon and Kees

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