Journal of Els late (part 4): Thailand, here I come!!

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Journal of Els late (part 4): Thailand, here I come!!

portret3 300x300 Journal Els of late (part 4): Thailand, here I come! Els of late lives for over 30 years with her husband â € ~ the Kuukâ € ™ in a small village in Brabant. In 2006 she visited Thailand for the first time. If possible, they go there twice a year on vacation. Their favorite island is Koh Phangan, it feels like coming home. This time they go to the North.

It happened again in a few days we’re go scootering in the North. the plane direction Bangkok.We The anticipation is unfortunately a tad overshadowed by some less pleasant things. And I’m not talking about in Thailand, but come in Thailand.

Fear not I happy, and the ten hour trip, I make thanks to the amazing sleeping pills only need to start ….. Then I hang the remaining hours of this world for the plane.

No, it  are the precautions to be associated with my physical condition. taken Unfortunately I am not the sporty, smooth, sleek doe that I perhaps never was, but wanted to be. In recent years there have been some pounds and some ailments added. Nix shocking, but …

A man does something with it in ZA € ™ s life, pfffâ € |

My daily beer combined with brisk walks provide thin and fast flowing blood, but still can not prevent a clot. The result was a deep vein thrombosis. And here I thought that was for old women, or is that something?

Anyway, I’m not the wisest own and after a sermon by the doctor about my health, or rather the lack of it, I took the advice to heart and am IKA good pills to swallow. I spray a blood thinner before I fly and I’m so ugly, but life-saving  to make stockings measure. A man makes something with his life, pffffâ € |

But then we are not there yet, because I have recently radicular symptoms, also best lastig. Pinched nerves ensure that bending is painful, so it’s almost impossible to draw.

At the airport, I will take the necessary measures and be in the disabled toilet. Here is the space available that I need to pull the stockings with my limitations and syringe zetten. Left I’m waiting for my turn, the bag with syringe and stockings hold I casually fixed.

Hoppa, which attract stocking ….

stockings 200x200 Journal Els of late (part 4): Thailand, here I come! Inconspicuous I enter the toilet. I’m going to sit flat on the floor and sighs deeply. Breathe in, breathe out , focus, know where you for doet. The mindless I start the arduous and painful task.

The stockings are unfolding and with a quick glance the correct stocking placed in the right leg. Jaaaaa, the experienced support stocking user knows the correct stocking belongs to the right leg. I’ve been on the plane with terribly tight stockings. Eventually the pain was unstoppable and I turned off the tight stocking on my left leg. (Just try to pull the plane while you’re sitting in your chair …… a compression stocking out)

Exhausted and with a red head I inspect the wick to irregularities that might be causing the pain. I see entirely to my surprise that there is a label on the inside of the sleeve was sewn. And what’s on the label? R. Ow, cha … Exactly, R sat to my left leg. But that was a beginner’s mistake, well there so I never kick. I’m ready, wham, attract those stocking ….

Aaaaahhrrrrgggggggg, the job is done

if it all was not bad enough, I feel that there is a problem. Oh my god , not now.

I can not deal with this. But I already know what will happen. There will be a scorching hot flash. The sweat me, the blood rushes to my head. My body is damp, it is almost impossible to get.

the wick in place

Continue, remember the scenic route through the mountains, feel the cool breeze and delicious, think there aaan! My back hurts, leg sintelt, I get cramps, even ff by work, I’m almost there.

Oh oh, what a shit, I want this niet. Aaaaahhhh, yes . The first stocking is done.

Just get up, make the whole thing quiet again and then the second stocking. Aaaaahhrrrrgggggggg . Finally the job is done, the stockings are.

sweat from forehead dabbed, I look in the mirror and see myself. Is this me? A head like a tomato and completely exhausted, with a desperate look in his eyes.

Fortunately, the pain disappears quickly

Slowly the tingling in the legs disappears. I stretch my back, the hot flash disappears, I’m normal. Now put the syringe. I remove the syringe from the pack, luckily I do not have to bend over to a suitable roll of fat firmly grasp far. I sigh deeply, hold my breath and coat the syringe full of conviction.

Quietly I spray the blood thinner in my blubber, which almost immediately going to hurt. Krom the pain I’m op. I model my clothes, throw water on my face and wrists. Fortunately, the pain disappears quickly as the drug finds its way through the lichaam. with his head and smile step I disabled toilet and walk to the gate.

Thailand, here I come!!

Van Els of late appeared previously on May 30, July 20 and 21 September a diary.

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