Journal of Els late (part 5): I’m happy!

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Journal of Els late (part 5): I’m happy!

mae hong son 300x300 Diary Els of late (part 5): I'm happy! Alder late for more than 30 years, lives with her husband â € ~ the Kuukâ € ™ in a small village in Brabant. In 2006 they visited Thailand for the first time. If possible, they go there twice a year on vacation. Their favorite island of Koh Phangan, which feels like thuiskomen.Â

I’m happy! Whistling I ride a rented pink mio scooter through the beautiful northern Thailand. The view is great, it’s hot, the sun is shining, the road is perfect, we are delicious to scootering, joehoe! Much better is not my life. Although, a (small) drawback is my sore buttocks. But then, after a half day and 250 miles on the scooter …..

It’s hard to believe, Sunday afternoon for an hour or two leave from Brussels on Monday morning at eleven o’clock on your scooter Chiang Mai spreading. The scooters are reserved in advance at Tony’s Big Bikes on the Internet. They were ready when we were in Chiang Mai from the airport by taxi dropped off at the door.

Day 1: In Mae Chaem

yet outside Chiang Mai no hour is left to the motorway towards Mae Chaem go. On day 1, there are 130 km to be driven, that went well. At the end of the afternoon, Â we have thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful scenery in northern Thailand, and that wonderful feeling of being free.

Mae Chaem is a village with nothing, and we come to Navasoum resort. Beautifully situated on a beautiful hill with fantastic views. It was off season and we are cooperating with German motorcyclist  the only guests at the resort.

The Finnish owner lumbers around and tells me, while he looks at me with sad eyes, that he misses his wife so that he’s lost weight 20 kg and that he wegdrinkt the loss of six pints of beer a day. And that his new wife, a very young girl from the neighborhood, that will not like. But yeah, it’s give and take, and with that same sad eyes he looks quickly at his new wife, who is engaged in a couch with her phone. The next day she is still there …

The atmosphere is jovial, he ensures that there are cold beers (the fridge was empty, because he had already been serving on) and we eat delicious. While fatigue falls on us, we have a drink with the other guy in the opposite direction of the Mae Hong Song loop rides a motorcycle and tipping us inside to drive.

We go to bed early, walk along the not too fresh, cold pool and sleep in a basic bungalow where everything is what you need after a long flight and 130 miles on the scooter.

Day 2: Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son 1 300x225 Diary of Els of late (part 5): I'm happy! the morning after a good breakfast, we leave with our sweater, because it’s a bit hazy and still fresh!. By the inner route is beautiful, but the road is bad and of course we did not shoot. The temperature is rising rapidly and soon we drive in our tank and we burned by the sun.

day 2. Today we drive 165 miles to Mae Hong Son. Still 60 km to go, the road is perfectly natural and a bit overwhelming, I go first because I know the way. The sun is intense, nature is beautiful, the drive goes well, I’m happy


At the end of the afternoon we arrive in Mae Hong Son, find a place to sleep and treat ourselves after a long tour on a freezing cold Singha. MHS is a tourist town with many hotels and restaurants, we enjoy are great not too late to bed, because at midnight is already  quiet in town! Tomorrow we have a short route of 110 km, and that’s a good thing, because sitting hurts.

Day 3: MHS to Pai

I do not get bored on the road, how beautiful Thailand can be. Along the way we see beautiful yellow flowers and green rice fields. If we had to stop at every beautiful view we had not been home. We deviate from the route just to watch. Via a narrow road through the jungle to a geyser The hot spring is, except by us, also visited by a few Thai tourists and there are eggs boiled in water.

Pai is our next stop, and there is the pressure, many young people and a very nice tourist town with a very relaxed atmosphere. Also being a dropout Vietnam veteran who invites us around for the parade of fine people. We thank you for the honor and  stabbing a rickety bridge over the river to drink. In Pai we enjoy our fine in a dingy reggaebar along the river, but the mileage of the last days are taking their toll, we lie to bed early.

Day 4: Pai to Chiang Mai

The next day we drive 140 miles when we come in the city, it is very busy on the highway and we have to be careful. The scooters are handed in and we end up in a hotel in the old town. It succeeds in a few hours time to score a few. Beautifully tailored shirts

Loy Kratong festival

Because it’s coming, it’s very busy in the city and there are a number of Thai balloons go up.

Day 5: To Koh Samui

The next morning flew directly from Chiang Mai to Koh Samui and then a speedboat to our island, at half past four we are “at home” on Koh Phangan. There is rain, lots of rain, but that should not spoil the fun.

We buy at a Thai girl a craft project for Loy Kratong, wait until the monks finished singing and walking with the Thai villagers to the beach. Everyone, we also get a huge Thai balloon and that ignited and released. Completely disorganized Not completely safe, because some balloons are not well off by the wind and impatience, and come down in groups of people. The consternation I forget to do it, but hey, a wish I was already happy.

evening with songtaew through the mountains to Haad Rin. Now that we’re here, we pick up the Full Moon Party naturally along. Just enjoy the fire dancers, music and dancing in the sand, a lot of young people who go out of their minds. We look in our eyes, especially if there is a huge downpour, which almost all of the beach bars in the hunts. A bunch of that half-naked on the beach is making love, only has eyes for each other. They do not feel the rain and do not notice that they are still pretty in the spotlight on a dark empty beach …

The following days

The following days we are busy with visiting Thai friends in bars Â, Â restaurants and travel agencies. Busy catching up with Hook, our French friend and bartender at the resort where we always stay. 30 years Hook live on Koh Phangan, has wonderful stories, and makes his allerlangzaamst the best cocktails ready. Guests who know him a little, order their favorite cocktail, go take a shower at ease in their bungalow and know that their drink is ready when they move back to the bar.

Hook provides both have a small bar and guests are very slow, but with lots of love and he wipes soooooo slow beach clean little bar. For the time being, because his little bar is eaten away by termites. Of course he looks for a way to fight to win. Against these pests I fear that he, too late given his work rate, with a solution and the fight will go under. But Hook does not seems to be very busy to make, so I do not even.

relaxing, rest and enjoy and after a few days we go again. With my backpack full of beautiful memories we leave Thailand, and I’ve been pining for, I’m home.

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