Journal of Kees Roijter (3): She’s a sweet girl, my Thai

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Journal of Kees Roijter (3): She’s a sweet girl, my Thai

pa ma 21 300x225 Journal Kees Roijter (3): She's a sweet girl, my Thai The storage and savings drift of Pon: is that Thai culture or something or is it just everywhere? It is the last, I think. Thai women are no different than any women whatsoever. That is why I put it on Thailand Blog. And that is because Pon is a Thai and this is the Thailand Blog.

Everything is kept, anything can go. I’ve often wondered why they do that. She does it with great enthusiasm. I often think it is because of the poverty in which they grew up, used to be her home. They find it annoying if I take too long by question, I see her face. So I’ll leave it there. It is important to her, so who am I? Pon can do whatever she wants, just like I (almost) always allowed.

Stoffer and cans, Swiffer brooms with those removable flaps underneath, in each room you will find there is à © à © n. Of that scent sprayers that you always spray right in your mouth. Everywhere they are at home. pfffffft you hear and then you come back from the toilet with a wet mouth. She can not get enough of it.

us at the mall is a blocker. That has always ZOA € ™ s five euro-bin for the door. There is all kinds of crap in â € “always brush and cans. If we go to Lidl, we pass close to that bin. I’ve been trying to get talking. Away her attention from that rotbak Forget it. Let’s see then again, and sure enough, there was ZOA € ™ s pffffft at device. Who is now with her in the car under the passenger seat. So if you’re at Pon in the car and you hoort pffffft then you have wet feet.

Rubber bands, wrapping paper, bows and garland caps intended to sit gifts, plastic bags in all sizes. Frying pans and woks, when you see them, do you think they have lived through the Second World War. Woe betide you if you throw them away. Empty toilet rolls for school and last but not least her collection of plastic containers of all shapes and sizes. The black boxes are thick in the majority.

Pon has a plastic trays sensor in her head

She works in nursing and there are frequently used. They are disposable trays but not for Pon. After use they are washed and parked at home in the barn. The barn is full of them. Woe betide you if you get there to throw à © à © n. Away in your head That is not so easy, because always when she comes home, the lid of the bin up and get a visual inspection whether there is something in what it does not belong.

Admittedly, they are convenient to carry the food. Or if the boys want to take some food. Pon makes Thai spring rolls, which are put in the freezer in the black boxes. They are just so convenient because you think you can wegdonderen. They good after use We have had enough. There are so many in the barn that I can start my own business.

If she has a few used for eating, I thunder them in the garbage. Pon has a plastic trays sensor in her head. I come down the next morning, they are neatly washed in the dish rack.

If I

a tool to one of my boys lending, then I can sometimes long to wait before I got it back again. If they ma some Thai food have received them in a black container, then stand a few days later washed neatly on the counter. They know her like no other.

If space in the barn which is limited by all those black boxes, I tell Pon I agree drastically clearance in the barn keep going. If I need a stack of trays that come out to throw them away, she grabs me by my arm and says with a bit of panic in her eyes: If we get it wrong, we can not buy them. I love her, so you understand it: I come from rotting bakkies not print


I say: What are you doing


We have a cooker in the sink. He is on:. Electronic ignition does not already He does not look out, there must be a new coming. And so I did. The old man out in the trash it.

Edwin, our youngest son, and I are working together to build.’s new The weather is beautiful, Pon comes home from work. She looks approvingly what we are doing, doing some things in the house and it is quiet.

I got to the barn for a tool. Pon is making. Stove that clean in the garden on her knees with a toothbrush I say: What are you doing? That thing is going in the garbage. Well, I can forget. He’s coming to Thailand. Since they have no five-burner. That is for the outdoor kitchen that I need to make.

That thing is not coming to Thailand, I say, but she just continues cleaning. I paid no more attention to. But know that I have not finished it ben. here we go that year to Thailand on vacation. A few days later, Pon see that the stove fits so nicely in the trunk.
I say: You can do whatever you want, that stove is not coming to Thailand, we buy it or à © à © n
.- He’s not so bad
.I say I do not go along.
- Then stay but nice home, saves a lot of money |.Yes, that answer I could expect.

My boyfriend felt that the boss was in danger

The next day I come home. Is she demonstratively that thing in a TNT transmission box stuffing. Had they met on the post office. Then she would send him to the boat. I really had to come up with something so that wreck would not end up in Thailand.

I had à © à © n trump card. They know there are other jets in need because of the pressure from bottled in Thailand. So first to see if that still able to get to that old thing with emphasis on that old thing.

The next day â € ™ evening. We sit on the couch. Asks Pon to the injectors. They are no longer available, I say. She looks at me with a look that is approximately equal to an MRI scan. At that time my little jumps beesie Crook, our dog, on my lap. I press him mâ € ™ s face. My boyfriend felt that the boss was in danger.

The stove has a few months been neatly packed in the TNT box in the hall. Suddenly he was gone. A year later had to get a new toilet, a floating. The toilet adjacent to the cellar. To win in the toilet, build some space I frame in the cellar. Which had to be partially emptied for the work. What emerges there? The stove.

Edwin who helped me again, asks: What do we do with this, Dad? In the trash it, I say. Edwin also knows his mother: You do that then but beautiful self. I grab the thing and walk it out. Edwin calls after me: Put him just for Dad. I have to laugh and put it there anyway for.

Pon comes home and goes straight to the stove. They look at the thing, front, back, turn a knob. She shakes her head. So do I. We lost him. She was still a little bit of the rest of the day. She cooked delicious Thai. She’s a sweet girl, my Thai.

Kees Roijter (64) and Siriporn know each other 38 years. On 25 June Kees told in a candid diary about their marriage and on August 11 he wrote about Pona € ™ s passion for plants.

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