Journal Ramsey Fox: My life in Thailand

30th of October 2013 0

Journal Ramsey Fox: My life in Thailand

Ramsey Fox 300x225 Journal Ramsey Fox: My life in Thailand Hello everyone. First let me introduce myself, of course. My name is Ramsey and I went to Thailand. Since March 2013 officially isolated «emigrated That in itself is not surprising, since I’m not the only one who has made this choice, however, I myself am only 33 and am therefore probably a lot younger than most emigrants


It all started in 2011 when I, for the first time went on holiday to Thailand. piece after a run relationship, It is striking that I came up with the idea by my ex-girlfriend. She loved tigers and her dream was to go to Thailand on vacation and there to bezoeken. Tiger Temple I booked a group with Scratch and went on my own. It was my first big trip outside Europe.

Once in Bangkok I looked my eyes out. The journey lasted three weeks, which we started in Bangkok and then went further to Floating Market, Ayutthaya, Petchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Cha-Am, Hua Hin, Chumpon, Surat Thani, Khao Sok, Don Sak, the ferry to Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, and then at the end of the holiday, via Don Sak and Surat Thani, take the train to travel to Bangkok, where on the last night we decided to make a visit to the infamous Patpong and Ping-Pong show back to visit. A night to forget.

not easily

I felt right at home in Thailand, the land of smiles â € “it was a holiday never to forget. The swaying palm trees, the beautiful weather, the delicious food and the beauty of oriental mystique «oriental women is the one which most assists me that first break.

I saw the country in a different light

Back in the Netherlands, I went straight back to work at the company where I worked for years. Several years before the company (Hagemeyer) already acquired by a French multinational (Rexel) and slowly began to change the corporate culture and not for good. I was already busy saving for my second trip to Thailand.

During the summer holidays (construction industry) in 2012 I decided to once again go to Thailand on vacation, this time with a friend, where we were actually the same route that I had made the year before, however this time I had only the hotels and booked transport.

course We started in Bangkok and went back to Khao Sok, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. This holiday we had four weeks, two of which we spent on the islands. During this trip I had not that overwhelming first impression that it had in 2011, but saw the country in a different light. I also met her dark side.

During the last days in Bangkok I was talking to an American on Khao San Road which for years was an English teacher in Thailand, the Isaan. â € œThe Isaan is my homea €, as he repeatedly pressed on my heart. The stories he told me, talked to me a lot.

All this of course while enjoying a cold beer on a terrace on Samseng. At one point I was curious and asked him whether it was possible to establish here, to which he replied me for a long time (or maybe forever): â € œJe can be English teacher, as I ben.â , €

I decided to take

the step

again come back in the Netherlands I did some research and came across a bachelor’s degree in TESOL, here in Bangkok, at a reasonable price. Meanwhile, the relationship between me and the employer had deteriorated and I decided to take the step. I enrolled for the course, acted on my business in the Netherlands, booked a ticket and arrived in Bangkok on March 2, after which I started back directly on March 4 with the training.

I got my TESOL certificate, followed six weeks of the bachelor’s degree and was on 18 April for the first time to work as an English teacher at a summer camp for a government school in Bangkok. Meanwhile I started my second semester at the same school, have completed the first year of my studies at the university.

I have five different classes, with children ranging «Office from 12 to 17 years, the exact same classes as the first semester and I really like it. I have found my calling: teacher. Meanwhile I’m already six months along with my Filipino girlfriend, we live together and work at the same school. Lifeâ € ™ s good!

course live and work here different than on holiday, but I think so, more preferably in a warm tropical country in the 9-5 rut than in our cold country. My girlfriend has been here for seven years and has no plans to go back and see me here also grow old.

There is also, by the time I’m retirement, for me no pension to fall back on and we must pay. 100 percent of our health care costs themselves About equal to what it is now in Thailand, but it is a factor here cheaper and I foresee that the East is going to be the new West. Whether I’m right or not we see about 34 years or so, when I retire.

Meanwhile, I know Thailand, Thai culture, Thai history and the Thai people and it’s all still a lot less rosy than I did during my first trip in 2011 thought. But I realize it’s all a bit, and I’ll leave it at moment.

That’ll save that for next time. Thanks for reading.

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