Kees Roijter Thailand Blog has become my friend

8th of January 2014 0

Kees Roijter Thailand Blog has become my friend

pa ma 2 300x225 Kees Roijter Thailand Blog has become my friend I think ZOA € ™ s two years ago â € “it can also be a bit longer â €” I accidentally discovered Thailand Blog. Since my computer skills had declined since I did not have my own company, strong  actually I did not do anything about it.

Internet: it was not really interested. We fiddled with some ZOA € ™ s webcam with the family in Thailand. And what email contact with my brother who lives in the Philippines. That was actually ZOA € ™ s little,. Was a tiring

My key skill â € “if I may call it â €” limited to my right index finger while floating above the keyboard searching for the correct letter, which sometimes could last. seconds

So you understand that it is not something to take a fine to do in a lost hour. Although my training is limited to a few years of elementary school, I’m not really a stupid guy and am open to everything new. But a major depression resulted in my great disinterest for all those things that make life so enjoyable.

long evenings I read Thailand Blog

Reasonably restored them I have the thread of life a little resumed. I come to visit Thailand Blog. I have a Thai wife, my interest was aroused. Evenings I read. My first reactions were rather wild, misguided and unfortunately sometimes hurtful for bloggers who have lived for a long time in Thailand. Yet my excuse here.

My love for Pon made me angry at anyone who even said something wrong about the Thai. I’d just bring change. For I am married for so long with a Thai and thought I knew it all.

I’ve read a lot over the last two years and is back with pleasure at the computer and am very active on the Internet. If there is a proverb is true, then it is this: You’re never too old to learn. My computer skills has increased on a scale of 1 to 10 from a disastrous one for sure a pass mark. The keyboard I edit now with my two index fingers and go in my eyes rapidly over â € “a mediocrity.

I think more after before placing a comment and remove them regularly before clicking on send. I’m not there yet, I know, but à © partement of my resolutions for this year is to be in my reactions. Milder Less stubborn. I do my best and am sometimes a nice guy, I hope.

My language is much improved and I need less often. spell-checking What I’m not going to get the hang of the punctuation in the right place. But when I write a piece, does that Dick always there for me. Thank you Dick. [DvdL: You’re welcome.]

Bacchus, Hans Geleijnse, Alex Ouddiep and there are many

What does all that have to do with Thailand Blog? Basically everything. My interest in the computer is back on track after having my first meeting with Thailand Blog. Also wants to respond and the realization that it is not fun to read what is full of grammatical mistakes. Anything Read people I admire for what they know and what they can do. Pieces and responses To name but a few.

Bacchus with are always well-informed responses when it comes to what I need to live in Thailand? He describes that in a no-nonsense way where you can do a lot. Along in my eyes He does not make it more beautiful, but not ugly. Especially not make it uglier is very important in my eyes. Because that happens too often and put people on the wrong foot.

Hans Geleijnse and Alex Ouddiep: their wonderful stories, so well written. Great, I’m jealous. And there are many â € “too many to mention.


Thailand Blog fulfills my need to communicate with people with different opinions. You learn from it. And if I find something unfortunate is that I have not had time to learn. Possibility Depending you get older, you get more and more aware. Everyone should also realize that you previously had no choice. If there was no money, you had to work. Just as in Thailand is still the case. They have no choice.

Thailand Blog also has learned, the moderation has improved 99 pc

Thailand Blog also has learned. The moderating policy for example now and two years ago has been improved by 99 percent. That 1 percent I keep in my pocket, or I can never complain that I do not agree with him. I am after all, a Dutchman and his whingers, they often say here on the blog.

short, Thailand Blog has thus taken place in my life â € “actually a bit in the family, although Pon and the kids are not active on the blog. There is always asked if there’s anything to say about the blog. And they read my submitted pieces of course. When I ask them what they think of it, I usually get a smile. With a look in their eyes that says: Those Pa. anyway. I know my boys one by one, it means a lot to me.

Thailand Blog has become my friend. If you get into trouble, you get rid of all your friends and become simply impossible not to make friends. You put the bar too high. They can hurt you. The blog is a mix of friendly and less friendly people and so I keep both feet on the ground.

I hope that reading my little friend and foe, and not too heavy to lift. I write this because it gives me pleasure. And that’s what it is all about. Have fun in Thailand Blog. And I do. It should be clear. On to 2015.

Kees Roijter

communication Submitted

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