Koh Samui, Thailand – The Intercontinental Hotel Resort

24th of August 2012 11

Koh Samui, Thailand – The Intercontinental Hotel Resort

Koh Samui

Intercontinental Hotel resort perched on a cliff overlooking the beauty of the Gulf of Thailand. A drive through the gardens, and a walk through the lobby and verandah area of the hotel and Ocean view room at the hotel. Seeing is believing that such places exist on the planet.
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11 great comment(s) for this post

  1. ahmedq8musl 8:32 am 24/08 of 2012

    I’m from Kuwait and the most hotest celcias is 50 but this guy’s saying that’s 35is hot lol it’s not hot

  2. thaimade 9:26 am 24/08 of 2012

    If you have something special to celebrate,and want some fireworks ,contact Robert at WW W FIREWORKSAMUI COM Samuis only professional western pyrotechnic with the best shows,service and prices!-guarenteed!

  3. harald bishop 10:19 am 24/08 of 2012

    why do you keep telling the driver to ‘just shut up and drive m8′ dont you think thats a bit rude

  4. MrKesavaraj 10:38 am 24/08 of 2012

    Hi Margie Mable, I’m happy I’ve shown you something of what you have to look forward to. Thailand, and the people, very nice. Only think I’d add is 3 months a long time – I’d do 2 months in Thailand, and 1 month exploring the region eg- Singapore, temples in Yangon, Angkor Wat, Penang/Langkawi/KL in Malaysia etc etc…. though you may have seen all that before. Enjoy your travels ;-)

  5. MargieMable 11:23 am 24/08 of 2012

    Thank you Mr Kesavaraj, this is amazing and your film work exceptional. I appreciate your putting this on The Tube. We’re off to Thailand in August this year for 3 months!! Yes, going to do it properly and have a good look around. We’re definitely going to stay here and you should be getting a commission or free accommodation now and again for the advertising. Thanks. Kia Ora from New Zealand

  6. 8odoris13 11:54 am 24/08 of 2012

    your model camera?

  7. emirates247 12:17 pm 24/08 of 2012

    Amazing video. Can I ask what camera do you film these videos with? The picture and sound quality is amazing. You have a very steady hand too. I dont mean tp pry, but how do you afford to go to all these amazing places? Do you have your own business, havea very good job or did you win the lottery?

  8. MrKesavaraj 1:11 pm 24/08 of 2012

    - thank you for a great 2 days there. and thanx for the free souvenir tee shirt the staff wear, i wore the shirt on the flight back.

    Incidentally – I’m going to Rome, Italy March 17-19th, deciding between St Regis and Intercontinental De La Ville – I’m wondering if the business could sway me to do the same again there. Just a naughty request! Choosing to stay at Intercontinental Koh Samui or Athens (another video here) an easy decision. Thanx for your hospitality.

  9. ICSamui 1:30 pm 24/08 of 2012

    Thank you very much for the video review, It means so much to us that you have taken time to record such an extensive and encouraging review. We have put a lot of effort into developing the Intercontinental Samui Baan Taling Ngam Resort and your video of your experience is a glowing testimonial to that – thank you.

    We look forward to welcoming you back to your “home on a beautiful cliff” as “Baan Taling Ngam” translates to should you decide to visit Koh Samui again.

  10. MrKesavaraj 1:57 pm 24/08 of 2012

    - 2 days? from where – i wouldnt recommend flying to Bangkok and then trying to swim it to Koh Samui, the water’s a lot nastier than it looks!

  11. MrKesavaraj 2:56 pm 24/08 of 2012

    - yep thats the place. 7K Baht is a lot less expensive once you convert to pounds. Would highly recommend a visit here – could fly Thai Airways out here on morning flight from BKK at 8am, and they have a daily evening flight at 5pm back to BKK, as many days later as you have time


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