Laos wants to begin construction controversial Mekongdam

12th of September 2011 0

Laos wants to begin construction controversial Mekongdam


xayaburidam. Laos in December to begin the construction of the controversial Xayaburi Dam in the Mekong River, a project of $ 3.8 billion, financed by the Thai Xayaburi hydroelectric. This following a change in design to the neighbors, who have serious objections, to placate. This violates agreements they made with the neighboring countries. The Department of Electricity of the Laotian government has completed a review of the dam in response to global concerns about the rice production would be affected and damage to fish stocks downstream. Vietnam had earlier recommended that the project 10 years to slow, and all hydroelectric projects in the river, which also Burma, Thailand and Cambodia flows from its source in China’s Tibetan plateau. Laos says to take into account the concerns of its neighbors but not how it goes then. The hydroelectric plant is the first of eight plants that the country intends to build in the river for the sale of electricity to neighboring countries, especially Thailand. For the impoverished and landlocked Laos among others a very welcome source of income. The Southeast Asian country has around six million inhabitants and a gross domestic product of $ 5.6 billion, according to statistics from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

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