- Living the Good Life Outside of Pattaya – Cost of Apartments Jomtien and Naklua Beaches

4th of June 2013 16

Living the Good Life Outside of Pattaya – Cost of Apartments Jomtien and Naklua Beaches

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  1. retirecheapjc 8:43 am 4/06 of 2013

    Thanks for the exact figure.
    Yes it fluctuates a lot but as a general rule to make it easy rounding to 30 Baht to a Dollar or 33 Dollars to 1000 Baht makes it easy on the fly to calculate. And unless you are talking large sums of money it will give you an idea of the cost close enough.

  2. Tony Nesta 8:57 am 4/06 of 2013

    1000 Thai Baht = 33.68 USD  (May 2013)

  3. retirecheapjc 9:38 am 4/06 of 2013

    Thai men have been nothing but friendly to me. I guess you get what you put out except in my “no fly zones” where it doesn’t matter how nice you are. You are just sort of a target for the criminals. To find the zones, just type crime and Thailand into Google.

  4. larax015 10:21 am 4/06 of 2013

    Why thai guys dont likes foreigners? Ive never been there I just wanna go but Im afraid if I getting married a thai woman I will be attacked.. What do you think is it a good idea to getting a thai woman for a life? Thanks!

  5. Bobka n Orange 10:53 am 4/06 of 2013

    Thanks for showing a real video. When your showing us the no name seafood resturant is that power lines running above the road? You must have been there a while, when you say 27 for the soi name you have a thai accent haha

  6. plannermann 11:07 am 4/06 of 2013

    great vid info. i am a few years away from retirement, but it is ok to dream for now :-)

  7. Keyser Soze 11:31 am 4/06 of 2013

    Too bad as I understand the Dolphin Roundabout is no more. Along with most of the trees and the waling path on Beach Rd as the powers that be see that widening Beach Rd is the thing to do.

  8. Colin North 11:43 am 4/06 of 2013

    I can agree Jomptien is special,try the inland end of any soi,they will rent a room or an apartment far cheaper than the beach end.

  9. Bull4fun 11:51 am 4/06 of 2013

    I plan to live Thailand for 6 months next year. Maybe I live alone.

  10. Larry Finklestein 12:45 pm 4/06 of 2013

    I live in the city here in the States. We have huge assholes here also. Just a part of life I suppose. Like he says, “there is always an option”

  11. ChannelMitchy13 12:54 pm 4/06 of 2013

    busy busy streets, anything in the country?

  12. retirecheapjc 1:47 pm 4/06 of 2013

    Yes, if renting monthly ask how much “per unit” for electricity. Six or less Baht per unit is reasonable. Seven or above be careful running AC if you are on a budget!

  13. gntlmann 1:47 pm 4/06 of 2013

    Thanks for a informativ video.
    Im just in the prosess of packing my stuff up now and gonna be moving to pattaya next week. So looking for a desent room to rent to start off with. I will have a look at Naklua when i arive, i think this would be a oki option.
    previusly rented a room up in soi bonkot ( 3rd roade ) electric and water for 1 month came to 5000 bhat. got ripped off. so i suggest that ppl pay attention to the electric and water bill they get.

  14. kennethis 2:45 pm 4/06 of 2013

    thanks for your informative and nice videos…I am getting ready to “just do it” your site and vids are a must see/read….I will devour your great infomation….thanks for taking the time…i am leaning toward naklua….although i have been a pattaya addict forever….1989-present 555

  15. Subaro0o 3:23 pm 4/06 of 2013

    It would be so funny if someone made a youtube video of themself ghost riding one of those jet skis into the dock, causing a huge explosion. It would be funny to see the rental guys reaction lol, of course pay him for it after wards..

  16. Gar Nelson 4:22 pm 4/06 of 2013

    My choice was to cross Sukhumvit and go about 3 KM down Soi Nernplubwaan. Inexpensive and far from the crazy for day to day living.


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