Long-distance marriage to a Thai woman (1) – How it all started …

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Long-distance marriage to a Thai woman (1) – How it all started …

I’m Chris, a 31-year-old boy from the small village of Grave (Noord-Brabant). On mâ € ™ s 27th I got twelve years older Saengduan know in Bangkok and in April 2013 we getrouwd. It is not the easiest choice to have distance of 10,000 km, a relationship, but I do not of had regretted and we hope to build. a beautiful life together in the future First time in the Netherlands, and together in the future to Thailand. Through my diary, I want to tell you how it all came about and what it is like to have a relationship ZOA € ™ s great distance.

Beach Long distance marriage to a Thai woman (1) â € They spoke a few words of English, is 12 years old and she was the girlfriend of Thai woman I went to Thailand.

How it all Begoña € | It was 2005 when I sit a lot to chat to meet people from other countries as a 22-year-old on ICQ. For the record, I’m Chris, now 31 years now, from Grave, a small village in the Netherlands. I almost never went on vacation, but was always curious about other cultures and other countries.

ICQ I was chatting with Nong, a Thai girl aged about 27. We found the intriguing conversations and exchanged our msn and we chat about everything that kept us busy in daily life. This went on every weekend.

After several months, she suggested that if I would ever come to Thailand, she wanted to meet me, and I wanted to run around. holidays At that time I was quite young and my hobbyâ € ™ s were more nightlife, where I already spent my money. Money for vacation I did not really had much less to a distant country like Thailand.

When it all became more serious, Nong told me how she saw her future. What they wanted to accomplish in her life. She wanted to get married and build a house in Thailand for her mother. Over time we got some conversation going by, and I saw myself not so fast to Thailand on vacation at the time, and the contact was as good as lost.

Four years later I was mâ € ™ s contact list to clean up, and then I met her email again. Although a number of years had gone over, I actually was a bit curious how it had been with Nong and I decided to send to ask if she knew me. Her an email There was over a week before I received a short e-mail indicating that they become a friend from France to have met and that she was not waiting for contact me.

hand disappointed, but also understanding I emailed her back that I wanted to come on vacation and would like to meet her. like Not for a relationship (she already had a boyfriend) but just because I was curious about her. The next day I had already spontaneously booked a ticket without knowing whether she wanted to meet me. I am known as someone with impulsive actions. And two weeks later I got a response back saying that if I walk that way, they might on holiday in France.

For the first time on holiday outside Europe

November 2010 when I go on vacation for first time in my life outside of Europe to Thailand. In possession of only a plane ticket and two hotel nights in Bangkok, I flew that way. What an experience. The temperature as soon as you leave the plane, I looked at my eyes out on the way from the airport to my hotel, which is located in soi 3 stood on Sukhumvit road. If Nong not want to meet me, I was at least the middle of the nightlife.

surprised I was when I walked into my room and saw that even condoms in the minibar layers. That’s really typical weather when you hear tourists all prejudices about Thailand. After looking around in my hotel room, I SMS to Nong which hotel I was and if she was interested in meeting me. She was at work and let me know that they anyway did not know when she was ready, and then if she still had me want to meet me. Somewhat disappointed, I thought she should have a look. She knows how to find it.


I went down to the bar to drink a beer and also needed. some shorts After fifteen minutes, there was another farang sitting at the bar from Norway. We got to talking and he asked me if I knew where he could get. Slippers so quickly here We decided to walk along smoothness to find, after a tuktuk driver let us know where your clothes could take. Inexpensive

the best location some clothing stalls a round

My strange feeling was confirmed, it was a luxury massage parlor

Confidently we stepped in and showed us several kilometers off a building. From the outside it looked like a normal building, but you could see that clothing was sold here. With a strange feeling tuktuk driver inside and my suspicion was confirmed. Led us It was a luxury massage parlor.

Once inside we felt held us for fools and Norwegian farang suggested going to go to the bathroom à © à © to drink a beer and go. again I’m quite shy, I hardly dared to look around. You had a view of a room with long benches all we know of the past of the school gymnasium where some thirty Thai girls were. Each one of them beckoned me to choose from. Their And I sipped some clumsy to mâ € ™ s beer.

When Noor came from the toilet, he drank a beer and let me know that now that we’re here, we can make. just as well use I did not want this actually might Nong wanted to meet me, but because I had heard nothing, but I still went tack. What was happening here I leave in the middle.

When I came out two hours later, I checked my phone and saw that I had missed. ten calls and text messages Nong had called and left me voicemail know that with a girlfriend she was waiting in my hotel for me. And where I was. I felt somewhat guilty. They are waiting while I was in the massage parlor on me. Strange situation.

I let the tuktuk driver that he had to bring me back to the hotel and I saw no one. arrived there They were gone. I had missed them. I ordered a beer at the bar and five minutes later I heard a sweet voice calling my name, Chris.

There she was, Nong, that sweet Thai girl

There she was, Nong, that sweet Thai girl with whom I had chatted a year every weekend. It was familiar and at the same time a little awkward. When it comes to women, I have always been a bit clumsy and shy. She introduced me to her friend, Saeng-duan, although a beautiful Thai girl to see, but she spoke almost no English.

After a drink we decided Sat € ™ s threes «n go. Places to go walk around and what to eat. We talked a lot about what kept us busy up. How did that sort of thing. Saeng-duan had not really eaten and suggested what to eat. Them. Was some peevish She did not say much, and walked a little further ahead, while Nong and I talked a lot.

At the end of the evening we went back to my hotel and I paid the taxi driver to bring., the two ladies home Nong and I had the next morning agreed to what to eat Sat € ™ s twos «n and they would pick me up at my hotel.


After breakfast Saturday morning and I went Nong path. I still had to have some clothes, she wanted to be with me. In itself it clicked it, while she kept a certain distance. Her French friend did not know she had agreed with me and he was quite jealous. She asked me what I wanted to see Zoal in Bangkok and told me to deal with these things.

a list

Ayutthaya 3 people 300x200 Long distance marriage to a Thai woman (1) â € With his threes« n to Ayutthaya

Sunday we would go to Ayutthaya Sat € ™ s threes «n. The temple complex outside Bangkok. This seemed to be that you must see if you are in Thailand. Beautiful tourist attraction We decided to go by train. No luxury train, no air conditioning. This seemed strange to dealing with, there are mainly just want to travel. Along the Thai population Tourists make use of generally low.

We made many a Photo € ™ s, but even more I noticed that Nong was aloof. I know that Thai people in terms of culture not as loving touches, but still. Saeng-duan other hand, was very open and had the time of her life. Around 8 o’clock â € ™ evening we arrived back in Bangkok and Nong informed me that she went home because she had to work.

the next day

Saeng-duan suggested to proceed. It was that night the Loy Krathong festival, this is a day on which Thai people â € ™ evening lanterns kites in the sky and boats with abandon. Lights on the water A memorable experience. Beautiful to see.

We could not really talk, but she was prepared. She had a notebook and pen with him and they talked a little English. We pulled the whole evening together. We went from one place to another in Bangkok. We passed a fairground. Cultural differences are the most difficult between us Europeans and Thai people. When I â € ™ evening at a Thai lantern she did not wanted to do this. Later, she let me know that this is something to do with you. Lover I did not understand at first not so.

We passed a Buddha image that Thai people were praying, and she let me join. These were really nice moments. The end of the evening when she approached three hours â € ™ night dropped me off at the hotel. We were both broken. Pain at our feet. Once in the lobby, I took leave of Saeng-duan and it felt strange. She was a little gloomy about when I told her to go to bed. I myself had the night of my life and felt a little strange to Saeng-duan far. And she seemed a bit disappointed when we said goodbye ….

how this develops between us, I tell you in Part 2.

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