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Looking for a Thai woman? Go online dating

 Looking for a Thai woman? Go online dating

Thai dating

Every day I receive a fair number of emails from Thailand Blog. And believe it or not there are some specific questions between the. Wherever possible I try to help anyone or answer a question. Sometimes I forget sometimes, sorry for that.

One thing I can not and that is helping men to a Thai woman. Sending emails with that question does not make sense.

I do know a number of Thai women, but who have a relationship, or that I would never want to link. In addition, I do not want to burn my fingers. Before you know it goes wrong and then I did it.

Thai dating sites

The only advice I can give men a Thai woman search: Go online dating. There are so many Thai dating sites and chat rooms with Thai women who seek a western man that I truly still the shortest and safest route.

a dating site you can view profiles of Thai women. You can create a profile and photos. Most are free, sometimes the functionality is limited. In that case you should opt for a paid membership to get more functionality.

When you create a profile, you can:

  • Online profiles
  • view of Thai women.
  • when you post a message or contact to show interest.
  • You can see the lady’s viewed your profile.
  • You can create and maintain a blog
  • You can create a social network and invite others to join.
  • You will receive an email when a match is based on both profiles.

Just start with a free profile and you can, if you like, expand into a paid membership to get additional options. Although I have no experience with online dating, I have some tips for a good profile to:

  • Turn heads with an original beginning (opening).
  • tell something about the ambitions and goals in life.
  • needed to know about your character and personality.
  • Tell about your work.
  • Write something about your interests and hobbies.
  • Make clear what you expect of a possible relationship.
  • Be honest, sincere and polite. And do not you’re better than you

Has a Thai woman interested? Use a webcam while chatting, because you have a better impression of each other. This may be possible disappointments voorkomen.Spreek you off to chat with each other or to think the time difference with Thailand.

Some dating tips:

  • Always protect your anonymity. Do not give up personal information that can still.
  • When you create a profile make sure that important personal information like phone numbers and address in your profile will never be shown.
  • not just your personal data to date Thai, beware.
  • Never financial information such as account numbers and such.
  • Create a separate email account (hotmail or gmail) for online dating. This makes it easier to protect you from unwanted email and email stalking.
  • not hesitate to ask too many questions to the Thai lady. If someone changing answers the same questions, it might be an unreliable person.
  • Many Thai women have multiple chat friends, the chance that you’re the only small. But you are obviously the most fun.
  • If she asks for money, immediately stop the lady, it goes to scam them or just looking for a sponsor naive.
  • Report abuse and requests for money, the caretaker of the dating site.

are reliable and less reliable dating sites. But even reliable Thai dating sites can never guarantee that the members also 100% reliable.

Some famous Thai dating sites are:

  • Asia Friend Finder (tip)
  • Thai Love Lines (tip)
  • Thai Love Links (tip)
  • thailand date

Just try it out. Good luck with your dating adventure. And again I have no Thai women in stock.


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