Mae Hong Son

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Mae Hong Son

 DSCN0150 Mae Hong Son

A sacrifice for your birthday

Mae Hong Son, located in the far north of Thailand, is a wonderful place to province after a tiring but very exciting trek to relax.

Even if you do not like ‘jungle-like “are set to the relatively small place worth a visit.

Mae Hong Son is incomparable to other Thai places. Even the kind of tourists that visit the site is different. You would like a mix between youth and older, however, never boring, may entitle visitor. Mae Hong Son is still pure.

It is not so very long ago that the place was barely accessible by road and perhaps that is why the special soothing atmosphere preserved. Only in 1965 the population, mostly belonging to the Shan and Karen hilltribe groups, freed from its isolation by a causeway was built. Mae Hong Son is situated between wooded hills within a stone’s throw from Burma and has a cooler, but for the tourist wonderful climate. It is not surprising that in this environment, many Burmese architectural styles encountered.


market located near the Hua Wiang What does a typical Burmese roof since 1930 and holds an important copper Buddha statue from the appli-cation neighbor. Another and oldest temple is Wat Chong Kham in 1827. Unfortunately, the original temple destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1970. You will see this temple not so easily overlooked, because she is a beautiful pond in the heart of the town. At the same complex is also built in 1860 and Wat Chong Klang with a beautiful golden stupa. At first glance, these two temples nearly a whole. The Chong Klang from Burma has some wooden statues that depict a Buddhist story. Directly on the lake are several small restaurants where you come from sitting on the terrace a beautiful view of both the pond and the temple complex have.


Your birthday commemoration

At the moment that your birthday is on the horizon offering a flower arrangement and put that on the day. The ladies who sell flower arrangements have mastered the trick nicely, because evenings are the offerings taken back to the day after again being sold. However, it is the intention of the person who sacrifices the flowers and Lord Buddha will decide for him or her there reward. Thus the ladies of the flower stall.

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