Maria’s Diary (Part 14)

2nd of February 2014 0

Maria’s Diary (Part 14)

Mariaberg 200x2001 Mariaa € ™ s Diary (part 14) Maria Berg (72) had a wish come true: she moved to Thailand in October 2012, and she has no regrets. Her family calls her an ADHD elderly and she agrees. Mary worked as a zookeeper, student sick caregiver, driver of the animal, lady bartender, supervisor at the day care and nurturing, and C as in the private home care. She was also very home-loving though not because she lived in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Belgium “, Den Bosch, Drenthe and Groningen.

Christmas gift

long as I can remember, I is an open diary on my coffee table. When the children were still at home, everyone wrote in what he was going to do after school that day. I wrote all my pursuits. The kids are out the door, for over 20 years, but the agenda is still there.

the new year, in my area looking for an agenda, no good thing to find. I did all this by mail to a good friend of me. Big surprise! This week there was a package in the mail Â, well, it was hanging half out, because it did not fit. I opened it and except for a nice Christmas card, there was a great agenda. What a nice Christmas gift. A friendship to cherish. At


from the nest Berta has had her sterilization are two puppies went to a Dutch friend of mine. They are called Bob and Marly. Today they come to stay for six days. Kwibus like it, they play together in the garden and inside, what they do not like at home. The door is open, anyone can come in and out, they love it.

Their mother Berta is not too happy about it, she’s clearly not in the mood. Sometimes she shows her teeth and growls occasionally quite at. They know the little ones at least who’s boss. I’m busy six days tegemoet. On January 3, the puppies go home, it was nice that they were there, but also very nice that they go home again.


same day my laptop is broken and no way to get that is more weeks without talking. Also do not get the time to sit. Behind a computer


Sunday, January 5 Kwibus is sick, that day is the clinic closed. The following morning to it. It’s not a Rabbi, but a rare form of distemper. I have six days every day come back with him.
January 7 The dog still has a high fever, same medication.
January 8 He still has a lot of energy, is now available in an oxygen cabin.
January 9 He starts a little more to eat and sleep a lot.
January 10 Eat yourself with support and is very restless.
January 11 Has constantly convulsions, given a sedative and has more happy.
No fever January 12 I am 10 to 15 hours in the clinic. With a drip in his leg, we go home. They still think he’s going to get better.
January 13 There is now a neurosurgeon, who looks at him. I have to give him a chance week, Â come again. Every day |Kwibus is deceased at night and buried in the garden. The daughter of the neighbors is inconsolable, she played every day with Kwibus, invited her to come lay a flower. The grave
January 16 One of the two pups is sick and dies that night.

Visa and Bangkok


Tuesday the twenty to Bangkok for my visa, I am with my son. It is crowded with people, but not with cars. Occasionally we have to wait at a roadblock, there may still three cars through and we are thick in time for the visa.

One of the ladies behind the counter explains how to get the fastest back from Bangkok and that works well. We have been together within an hour everything. On the way we eat and  home early.

Berta and Kwibus1 300x225 Mariaa € ™ s Diary (part 14) Nightmare OPA repeat

Berta, the mother dog is sick and it does not look good. After five days, she is also deceased and is buried next to her child.

Despite the sadness, there is also some laugh. My son is a pit dug for her and among the graves, he suddenly says: I hope I do not opgraaf murdered women of your landlord. We have, despite everything still to laugh.

It is for me very mad that there’s no one waiting for me when I get home. It is here in my neighbor still, there are three dogs in the neighborhood, the rest is all dead. Hopefully not. Get the three And I do not want any more dogs, should not think, I’ve just had it with animals.

The snake

On the way to the grocery store, I get a nice snake. I had to take a picture of it. When I showed the picture to my son at home everyone was shocked. I was told at the sight of a snake, it’s running now. At such a time you really feel a dumb foreigner. I do not have time stood still in danger.

Real foreigners

Last Sunday was

to a new shop, towards Kanchanaburi. There was a supermarket, with all things foreign. Then I and my son suddenly real foreigners. Ha, baguettes, bread, butter, all kinds of cheese, cream, canned sauerkraut and more, as we also beat some of it in.

Outside the grocery store with a delicious looking cakes and a large ice cream parlor. The kids wanted the pizza, so that was it. If you have not eaten, is that sometimes good.


Have another laptop bought a Panasonic, second. That laugh, I have to go back, also with all the buttons state does not follow. If I M impression I get a D and some letters, I get numbers. They had put him in Dutch, but it is also correct anything, sometimes he suddenly Thai. So now sits on borrowed to write. A Hopefully they can fix it.

Mariaa € ™ s Diary (part 13) was published on December 27, 2013.

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