Maria’s Diary (Part 15)

26th of February 2014 0

Maria’s Diary (Part 15)

Mariaberg 200x2001 Mariaa € ™ s Diary (Part 15) Maria Berg (72) had a wish come true: she moved to Thailand in October 2012, and she has no regrets. Her family calls her an ADHD elderly and she agrees. Mary worked as a zookeeper, student sick caregiver, driver of the animal, lady bartender, supervisor at the day care and nurturing, and C as in the private home care. She was also very home-loving though not because she lived in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Belgium “, Den Bosch, Drenthe and Groningen.

Thai man

Because all stories on thailand blog always about the Thai woman, I thought, I’ll just have to mention the Thai man. I know, I’m in the seventies, so no more of the party, but all the men I’ve met here, I’ve even let pass in review.

it is remarkable how many beautiful Thai women I see and how ugly Thai men. I am a person of my generation, very long, so little guys are already off. Never looks at cases, I was called tekstglijer. Never heard of it? Men with a great sense of humor and particular texts, I fell for the latest came in second place.

I can not talk to the men, but hear whether they have a pleasant voice, a fresh look, etc. The guy at the bank, it is nice to see, speak a little English, looks well cared and has dimples in his cheeks, very nice when he smiles, but he is already finished 160 cm long.

The man at the immigration. Tall, slim, strikingly handsome, well dressed, pleasant voice, and he spoke English. He was the spokesman for a high blonde lady who did not understand, given her clothes, she was not here on the beach. I had once wanted to go to a restaurant with him.

tuktuk driver who regularly drives me and me with the mother dog to Hua Hin also driven by car., He is not young, has a sweet face, is very nice and personable, loves animals and .. I got a present from him. Talk to him is difficult, but with gestures, we always come out.

handyman: Does my son comes to me and sometimes do something, a quiet man, so quiet, almost as if he’s not there. He is an all-rounder, convenient for use around the house, but he has a bland appearance and no appearance.

upholsterer: Does my sofa upholstered again. He’s big, is half Chinese and beautiful Chinese eyes. He has a successful business, he speaks some English and keep himself to his appointments, which will be Chinese side are.

restaurateur, a special man, because he is also a painter and has the best restaurant around here. Own work hanging on the walls, which he regularly sells. Has two small children, he educates with his mother and sister. Ma’s gone. He is tall, slim, has a ponytail, a mustache and a goatee and has something attractive for him, I would have to feel. What

My neighbor, a big man with a sweet face, not handsome, but is very cute with his family and works hard. Has respect for everyone and everything, a nice man to live next to.

The man from the neighborhood, not so young anymore, has gray hair and a roaring laugh. He speaks German and English. We regularly come together against me on the bike and he was on the bike, he always calls Hello madam , with the roaring laugh behind aan.Hier on the square, he always strikes up a conversation with me and there is a lot to laugh. He also loves animals, but he is very small.

Then it’s nice that I have a weak tekstglijer as a man, I can not talk and laugh with, namely the tuktuk driver.

wonder dog

As I wrote last time, almost all dogs around here dead. Of the two puppies that went to a good friend of mine, there was a death, the other named Marly, is still there and does nothing. Last Saturday they have a puppy when taken out of the temple. Marly had to get used, but they are now good friends. I go there every day during the week to go to eat to give 12 hours, because they all work.


My laptop broke, do not make. Well there is a company that sells second-hand Panasonic laptops and computers. Around here There picked a laptop. I could get him the next day. That was fun, what was the key did not fit with what he wrote. Back to the shop, it was little stickers to stick on the keys. Now beat it, I just got more and Thai texts. Back to the store. There they just took another laptop from a shelf and said he is ready tomorrow. Now he is doing well and I’m happy with it.

Children and shops

When I go into stores here in Thailand, I see things that might not happen in the Netherlands. Children are everywhere, parents do not look or to vendors and the shops seem to find. The most normal thing in the world Shower stalls, where children simply stand with their shoes on boxes that they open and crawl beds where they lie with their shoes on little things get in place and put down somewhere else. I look with dismay to the vendors and smiles only, it is unbelievable.


night and watch TV, the door is closed, the lights are on, there is a nice program. Suddenly, there comes along a centipede run, which disappears under the sofa. All bank parts of his place, because that thing I do not have. How do I search to find it. No centipede Then the bank but parts back in place. But I keep looking if I sometimes see him walking in the night now have a light,’m terrified that I’m going to stand.


In particular, the â € ~ € ™ neusvleugelsâ. Just as every person has a different model nose, so too does every other human nostrils. As a child between 8 and 10 years old, I went with a girlfriend in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam looking noses, occasionally we all got the giggles.

As an adult, I’ve learned that you can read in the nostrils of your fellow man. lot off It is special to watch out for the imperious nose. Here is a list of names of people who have, everyone understands what I mean.

Ex-Queen Beatrix, Queen Máxima   Robert Nero,  Margaret Thatcher, Albert Verlinde   Sofia Loren,  Michael Douglas, Madonna   Anthony Quinn.

Well it is confusing that the noses are so different here in Thailand, than outside. Here is the whole nose very different, first, the eternal smile and then misleading model nose and nostrils. See it here once again to come back who is imperious.

Mariaa € ™ s Diary (part 14) was published on February 1.

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