More Thai jokes

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More Thai jokes

 same same More Thai jokes

Thai humor

Our reader Tino Cleaners has again some Thaise grappen translated into Dutch.

Candles burn in the temple really helps
A childless echtaar consult a respected monk. â € œOhâ € said the reverend father, â € œDat’s good. I am going to a famous temple in Bangkok where often candles are lit by women with children. It seems good to help. You better not go because I still 15 years away. I will have candles for your opsteken.â € The couple wait the monk three times and leaves thankful home.

Fifteen years later, the monk returned to his native village. He remembers the childless couple and go seek them. He’ll find a dozen noisy children, in all sizes, and further only the mother.

â € œWaar is your husband?: Asks the monk interested. â € œOh DIEA € said the mother, â € œDie yesterday went to Bangkok to the candles to blow out! â €

A man tells his wife that he was friends with a week goes fishing in Kanchanaburi. He asks her the suitcase, and the bag with fishing supplies ready. â € œEn remember there the blue pajamas to doenâ € he adds added.

A week later, the man was pleased and happy return. When his wife asked what it was, he says: â € œSanoek that gastric stomach. Many fish caught. But why did you forget the blue pajamas in the trunk to do? â € œ which his wife: â € œ That I have in the bag with fishing stuff stopped because the suitcase with clothes completely full was.â €

An old man of 90 marries a young flower. After a nine months they are going to the doctor. â € œMijn woman zwanger.â € says the man.

The doctor looks at them both at once and then says: â € œI will tell you a story, listen carefully. A forgetful old man went for a walk in the jungle. Instead of a gun, he accidentally alone umbrella. Suddenly a tiger jumps out of the thicket. He explains with his umbrella and PANG, at the first shot is the tiger dead Neera €.

â € œDat can Nieta € said the old one, â € There must be someone else help geschoten.â €

â € œNou, inderdaadâ € said the doctor. â € œDat I ook.â €

More help
A newly married girl makes a walk with a friend. â € whoo is it going between you? â € he asked with interest. â € œNou goedâ €, the girl replied, â € œI go help him millionaire wordenâ €.

â € œDat is excellent, very good, a noble strevenâ €, praises the man, â € œmaar if I may ask, what is he then? â €

â € œDat you may vragenâ € said the girl, â € œhij now billionairâ € .

Month Subscription
The rector of a university speaks to a group of first year students. He looks sternly into the room.

â € œWe have here two dormitories, one for female and one for male students. If a woman caught in the men’s house or vice versa, then stands there for the first offense, a fine of 500 baht, 1000 baht for the second time and the third for 1500 baht. Understood? Are there any questions? Â €

A young man stands on. â € œKhaocai, khraphom, acaan. But is there no monthly subscription? Â €

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