Muay Thai Music – Wai Khru Ram Muay

13th of September 2012 23

Muay Thai Music – Wai Khru Ram Muay

Thailand Music

Traditional muay thai music. Practice your ram muay thai with this.

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23 great comment(s) for this post

  1. plastique45 8:20 am 13/09 of 2012

    This is now my iPhone ringtone. 

  2. magey321 8:49 am 13/09 of 2012

    Great song for when you train and whne you fight thai boxing, you get into the rhythm of it

  3. veleminamble 9:38 am 13/09 of 2012

    couldnt agree more.

  4. dogsoldier7326 10:37 am 13/09 of 2012

    Muay thai is a respectful art of combat the dance the music and the people who train and teach muay thai

  5. muay7haiChamp 10:54 am 13/09 of 2012

    Well u don’t need to listen to it do you?

  6. livethechaos13 11:40 am 13/09 of 2012

    yes ! this is what im in the mood for

  7. HDGamerStation 12:33 pm 13/09 of 2012

    haha idk why but that made me laugh.

  8. makingfuck 12:46 pm 13/09 of 2012

    i shouldn’t have upvoted but sheeeeeeit that was funny.

  9. AitutakianMMA 1:21 pm 13/09 of 2012

    Allright the joke was funny until you went overboard with the racism bro fuck off dick head.

  10. Rafael Assunçao 2:09 pm 13/09 of 2012

    musiquinha tebares

  11. Thirdeyebeing 2:45 pm 13/09 of 2012

    Just got back from travelling thailand.. went to lots of muay thai events.. awesome stuff! the fights were great.. lots of respect in the ring.. you must respect thai people and their culture, they are great beings

  12. tyrtl 2:55 pm 13/09 of 2012


  13. gingadeiro 2:59 pm 13/09 of 2012

    You should be shame. Respect the art, the traditions, try to be human being.

  14. mime800 3:46 pm 13/09 of 2012

    wow some of you guys really say this “i play this song and then go out and beat some hookers” lemme ask you something do you know what is muay thai? we dont go around beating people unless they use physical on us. we fight only at rings,cage we do not use physical on public place unless someone hit us or so. please get the fact of muay thai. muay thai is not a martial art for hooligans.

  15. VANDAL6661 4:10 pm 13/09 of 2012

    those 4 gay faggots who doesn’t even know how to fight

  16. AitutakianMMA 5:06 pm 13/09 of 2012

    hahaha lol

  17. rezwanborja 5:34 pm 13/09 of 2012

    I play this music in my stereos before I go out and beat up some hookers

  18. gengernator 6:29 pm 13/09 of 2012

    its muaythai music they play when muaythai people fight and the Tempo gets faster every round

  19. gengernator 6:44 pm 13/09 of 2012

    twice a day 6 times a week intence training its there life its there jobs its like waking up and brushing your teeth and going to work its what these guys do but they fight for a living

  20. hendrahidayat007 6:54 pm 13/09 of 2012

    What is this ????????????? Sounds nice

  21. CThammavong 7:13 pm 13/09 of 2012

    thats disrespectful.

  22. SkewLT 7:42 pm 13/09 of 2012

    Actually this ‘drunken celtic bagpipie player’ music is better than all the ‘Hot pop music’ that is considered the hype.

    Very good upload, thanks :)

  23. Getushelp 8:30 pm 13/09 of 2012

    Some people have no idea what danger this music signifies! Mae Mai Muay Thai!


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