My $270 A Month Hotel Room In Chiang Mai, Thailand – Smith Residence.

7th of February 2014 16

My $270 A Month Hotel Room In Chiang Mai, Thailand – Smith Residence.

My 0 (8000 baht) A Month Hotel Room In Chiang Mai, Thailand – Smith Residence. The room itself was 7200 baht for the month. My water and power bill came t…
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16 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Mick Burke 7:47 am 7/02 of 2014

    Is this Australian dollars?

  2. jan diedrichsen 7:57 am 7/02 of 2014

    nice video ,thanks ,i go there in febuary 2014 i go chek this nice place
    out ,thanks for sharing

  3. stitchergary 8:06 am 7/02 of 2014

    Thanks for the video…just what I want to find in a couple years….

  4. Jason Whyte 8:35 am 7/02 of 2014

    No worries poka513. You should seriously consider it for a time – nice
    place, nice people, and plenty of western facilities.

  5. poka513 8:42 am 7/02 of 2014

    Thanks for this video. I’m retired, seriously thinking about moving to
    Chiang Mai area, at least for a few years.

  6. nelco69 8:57 am 7/02 of 2014

    Hi Jason. Sound’s great. I am not one who likes to rough it, my idea of
    roughing it is a room without room service lol, I think where you live
    need’s to be comfortable, and that place look’s like it would fit the bill
    fine, and the price is reasonable, also a great view of the mountain’s. Can
    you do me a favour, can you find out for me how much it would cost to book
    it for a year. Thanks. Neil.

  7. nelco69 9:10 am 7/02 of 2014

    Thanks for sharing this Jason. I love Chiang Mai and that place looks like
    somewhere you would be happy to live, and i will certainly be checking it
    out when i come over to retire there in a few years time. Neil.

  8. Jason Whyte 10:06 am 7/02 of 2014

    hi Andy, The wifi was fine – not slow, not fast. You had to purchase the
    wifi though- I think it was 400 baht($14) for the month.

  9. Jason Whyte 10:14 am 7/02 of 2014

    Yes, no problem.

  10. panamapo62 10:57 am 7/02 of 2014

    thank you sir

  11. asiatraveller0091 11:05 am 7/02 of 2014

    love your videos man,you tell it how it is,which is great

  12. ivor nappionion 11:22 am 7/02 of 2014

    I’m having some of that at that price,thanks for the info ;] ps what road
    is it on ?

  13. Jason Whyte 12:00 pm 7/02 of 2014

    Thanks asiatraveller0091…

  14. Jason Whyte 12:20 pm 7/02 of 2014

    Hi Neil. I am not sure about the price for yearly rentals but you can check
    out the link to their website in the comments.

  15. panamapo62 12:57 pm 7/02 of 2014

    Hello good video . In Chiang Mai room are your girlfriend ok in room ?

  16. Jason Whyte 1:47 pm 7/02 of 2014

    Yes the room did have A/C and I used it a couple of hours each day. I was
    at the back of the building so I didn’t get as much sun which kept the room
    temperature down. The total of my power and water bill was under USD$30 for
    the month.


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